Trader Joe's New Bbq Pulled Jackfruit Is Turning Heads

According to CNBC, there are a few reasons for the ongoing success of Trader Joe's, including the great employees, cheaper yet high-quality food products, and last but not least the $5 bottles of wine. Trader Joe's unique and delicious products are one of the major draws of the grocery chain. In fact, there are plenty of their branded items that now have cult followings, like the Everything but the Bagel Seasoning and Cauliflower Gnocchi. Now, there's a new product that will be vying for that status.

The Instagram account @traderjoeslist recently spotted a package of Pulled Jackfruit In Smoky BBQ Sauce at a Santa Monica, California location, which rightfully turned some heads. Jackfruit is a popular vegan substitute for meat, especially because of its texture reminiscent to pulled pork or chicken when the fruit isn't quite ripe yet. Not to mention, it takes on the flavor of the savory sauces you cook with it. The Instagram caption suggested putting this new T Joe's product on a toasted bun with a mix of pickled veggies for a real BBQ treat.

Here's what people are already saying about Trader Joe's latest product

Some commenters on the original Instagram post are already incredibly excited for Trader Joe's Pulled Jackfruit In Smoky BBQ sauce. One declared — in all caps — "I'VE BEEN WAITING MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THEM TO DO THIS." Others shared their enthusiasm that this meal already comes fully prepared, like most of Trader Joe's frozen goods, and just needs to simply be heated up. 

However, some Instagram users pointed out that the sugar and sodium content of the new product is pretty high. The original poster also included a photo with the nutrition information, and per container, there are 35 grams of sugar and 810 milligrams of sodium, or 70% and 35% of the recommended daily intakes, respectively. Each package of pulled jackfruit has about two servings. Some consumers also expressed disappointment that the package divulges it may contain wheat, meaning that Trader Joe's Pulled Jackfruit In Smoky BBQ Sauce isn't gluten-free.

Still, since it's already prepared, this jackfruit makes for a quick and convenient meal. And it looks like there are Trader Joe's fans who have tried and enjoyed the product, so it's probably worth a try — especially for vegetarians and vegans.