The One Food Harry Styles Can't Go Without

If you're a fan of Harry Styles, then you probably know the Grammy-award winning singer, songwriter, and actor is known for being mindful of the food he puts into his body (in fact, here's what he eats in a day). According to Vogue, the "Watermelon Sugar" singer is known to follow a pescatarian diet, also eating vegan, plant-based meals whenever possible. But what type of foods does Harry Styles really crave?

Over the years, his fans have pieced together clues from interviews and other sources to figure out the singer's favorite foods. For instance, in the interview with Vogue, Styles stated that he likes to cook soup for himself and friends. He's also got an interesting thing for bananas (via Seventeen) and is known for whipping up a tasty curry with Brussels sprouts from time to time, per Refinery 29.

But while Styles' diet may seem to be quite varied in terms of taste, it turns out the one food he reaches for regularly is actually a lot simpler: bread.

During an appearance on "Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp" (seen in this YouTube clip), the "Golden" hitmaker revealed that the one food he cannot go without is bread. And it seems that he isn't getting sick of his favorite carb any time soon. In the interview, the singer elaborated on his choice snack, stating that he eats it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (via Mirror). Sometimes he even eats bread as a post-dinner treat.

When asked by Kemp to elaborate on his snack choice, Styles cheekily responded by saying, "Who doesn't love bread?"

Like the rest of us, Harry Styles loves bread

Of course, longtime fans may find that Styles' love for carbs is not at all shocking. After all, he did once work in a bakery (via Capital FM). But what may come as a surprise is how often Harry treats himself to his favorite food. In one interview with radio personality Kannon with a K, Styles joked that to keep up with his cravings, he and his quarantine pod were regularly ordering bread to assure they always had it on hand (via "Open House Party"). In his own words, there is "no shortage of bread" in his home. 

But while that may seem like a carb overload, Styles' snack preferences are actually pretty in-line with what most of his fellow Brits eat. According to Statista, the average U.K. resident consumes more than half a kilogram (that's roughly a pound) of bread per week, with sliced white bread being the most popular. As for what type of bread Styles prefers? It turns out he's a sucker for anything with a nice crust. When asked by Kannon with a K about his favorite type of bread, Styles responded, "the end of a baguette is perfect."

The jury's still out on whether the singer prefers his bread with butter or jam. But until we get another food-centric interview, fans will have to leave it up to their imagination.