The Surprising Inspiration Behind This Jeff Mauro Spice Mix

Anyone who watches "The Kitchen" knows that co-host Jeff Mauro loves putting giardiniera on everything, especially eggs. But what does the Sandwich King put on his Chicago cheesesteaks? Aside from premium ribeye, Taylor Street cheese sauce, and of course, giardiniera, Mauro also seasons his cheesesteaks with none other than barbecue chip dust (via Instagram). "That lightly toasted Philly roll coated in barbecue chip dust is my favorite bite of the year," Mauro captioned a photo of his lunch. 

Clearly, this is no exaggeration, as Mauro believes so strongly in barbecue chip dust as a seasoning, that he has curated a jarred version of it through his butcher box service, Mauro Provisions, as he announced on Instagram. According to Mauro, the Mauro Provisions Barbecue Chip Dust tastes exactly as you'd expect. "It's the remaining dust from a bag of chips that you turn over and pour into your mouth right from the bag, but in a bottle," he explained of the flavor.

Jeff Mauro's Barbecue Chip Dust goes on everything

Since Mauro believes it's best on Chicago cheesesteaks, the Barbecue Chip Dust is sold exclusively with the Mauro Provisions Chicago Cheesesteak Kit, along with condiments and everything else you need to make the sandwich. However, if Mauro's Instagram is anything to go by, sprinkling it on a few cheesesteaks just isn't enough. Mauro often uses the Barbecue Chip Dust as a spice rub too, sharing on an Instagram post that he uses it to season Berkshire pork chops, and sharing on Instagram Live that he also uses it to salt tomatoes. 

If you're looking to add an all-purpose seasoning to your spice rack, Mauro's Barbecue Chip Dust seems like the one to try, considering it works as a seasoning, a spice rub, and a salt, not to mention it goes perfectly with anything barbecue related, or anything you'd eat chips with. While no condiment could ever compare to Mauro's beloved giardiniera, the versatility of this Barbecue Chip Dust seems to be giving it a run for its money.