Ina Garten Loves This Affordable Beauty Brand

Ina Garten is the celebrity chef with the culinary and entertaining savoir faire that we all covet and wish we had. How could we not? She's a bit of an enigma. Garten makes her own vanilla extract, because, why wouldn't she? The cookbook author also has her staff try out her recipes so she'll know how to guide the common, wannabe cook and make suggestions about where to buy ingredients to make it easier when we try it. Garten also has the super power of eyeballing when she measures an ingredient. That's right, the "Barefoot Contessa" host rarely, if ever, actually measures an ingredient when she's making a dish. Moreover, Garten never wears an apron, and if you can't make an ingredient, she's the first to tell you that "store bought is fine." Naturally, all of us lap up whatever she says because she's Ina Garten.

So, imagine what happens when the goddess of chicken dinners shares some of the beauty products she is fangirling over: we freak out. We all want to be Garten, so we're all too happy to go online and purchase up whatever she recommends. In 2020, Garten shared with her Instagram followers a certain beauty brand that she likes and it is not only affordable, it has a laundry list of celebrities who love it.

Garten is a true fan of Glossier

Per Who What Wear, this particular beauty brand has the seal of approval from the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird, and now Garten. The brand is Glossier and Garten is definitely a fan. She posted a picture on Instagram of her cache of Glossier lip balm she purchased and gushed, "Loved my visit today to @glossier !! Their collection of lip balm is — delicious! My favorite is birthday balm with a little glitter. Don't we all need a little glitter after the holidays?"

If you're not familiar with Glossier, its products are worth checking out. According to Forbes, Glossier products are the brain child of Emily Weiss, who launched the brand in 2014. Glossier is unique in the makeup world in that this beauty line seeks to celebrate rather than cover-up your natural beauty. Its tagline is, "Beauty products inspired by real life." 

Additionally, Glossier's website calls Balm Dotcom a "cult favorite" and describes this moisturizing salve as hydrating and full of antioxidants. The birthday balm is definitely festive, but we think the mint is amazing and we love the tint of both berry and mango. Regardless, if Garten is a fan of this beauty brand, you know it's good.