Kourtney Kardashian Swears By This Food Expiration Date Tip

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If you've ever seen an episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," then you probably know just how meticulous the sisters — especially Kourtney and Khloé — can be about organization and cleanliness. And if they can't figure it out on their own, they turn to organizing professionals like The Home Edit for assistance. (In fact, Khloé appeared on an episode of the Netflix series "Get Organized With The Home Edit," where the team tackled her expansive multi-purpose garage.)

As the eldest Kardashian sister, and the first one to enter motherhood, Kourtney learned how to get and stay organized early on — and her skills are front and center on the reality show. So, when she recently shared her organization pantry tips on her lifestyle blog Poosh, fans erupted in excitement. Finally, we can all have glistening kitchens like Kourtney Kardashian! And the best part is, she shops at places just like us for her favorite organizing products and tools.

Kourtney Kardashian's label maker is her best friend.

While her storage bins and clear glass jars make organization easy (and aesthetically pleasing), Kourtney Kardashian's secret for tossing out old expired goods is key — she uses these sleek brown circle stickers found on Amazon as expiration date reminders (via Poosh). Her blog notes that the star stores all her dry goods like flour, rice, and cereal in these glass jars — and in order to know when their time is up, she relies on those handy stickers that she places on the bottom of each, and of course, her label maker for the date. What about the packaging the food comes in? It goes straight to recycling.

Likewise, Kardashian also categorizes her organization baskets, generally large brown straw-like ones for bagged snacks and condiments. From baking supplies to kid's snacks, spices, etc., each basket or bin receives its own clearly labeled brown tag that looks like a gift tag, which makes it even more fun to raid your pantry. Placed visibly in the front, everyone in the family can know where they can find said item.

Kardashian's organizing advice and food tips are an inexpensive, easy way to give your kitchen the makeover you've been wanting. Additionally, this basket-organizing method can cut down on excess food and be a time-saver when others are helping you in the kitchen, per My Move. Can't find the oregano? Check the spice basket!