Aldi Shoppers Are Obsessed With Its Boxed Sangria

There are so many delicious wine cocktails you can make at home, but if you have guests over for a summer outdoor dinner, one great thing to do is prepare a big batch of sangria. Simple sangrias are one of the best cocktails you can prepare on a budget, but they feel so luxurious with a couple handfuls of fresh or frozen fruit.

Sangria doesn't require any fancy cocktail equipment, but for anyone who just wants to enjoy their drink instead of making one, Aldi just made it so easy to whip up a large batch of sangria. Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit spotted a box of rosé sangria in Houston, Texas, and we're calling it now: This could very well be the drink of the summer. 

The brand is Casa Sangrioso, and it's a product of Spain. Last year, Best Products reported that Aldi had Casa Sangrioso boxed red sangria for just $9.99 per box. In addition to Aldi's new moscato flavor, this boxed sangria should also go on your summer shopping list.

How Aldi fans are planning to enjoy boxed sangria

Aldi customers have been commenting on @aldi.mademedoit's post, and it's clear that everyone is so excited to see this in stores. Based on the photo, the package recommends that customers "serve chilled or over ice" and add a sprinkling of fresh fruit.

It sounds like this is exactly what some sangria lovers are going to do. One commenter mentioned that they enjoy their sangria chilled with fruit in it, and another user said that they were going to make a "sangrita." We're guessing they're referring to a combination of sangria and a margarita, and we have to say that sounds incredible. 

Not sure what type of fruit to add? If you're looking for inspiration on how to turn this boxed sangria into an even more delightful drink, check out this recipe for rosé sangria from Simply Whisked, which includes oranges and raspberries.