This Was Chopped: Martha Rules Most Difficult Challenge, According To Winner Saba Wahid

While 16 chefs headed to Kennebunkport, Maine to take on the challenge of "Chopped: Martha Rules," only one chef can call herself the winner (via Discovery+). Saba Wahid adapted to the various twists, turns, obstacles, and unusual ingredients that were placed on her road to victory. Although some moments might have been more daunting than others, the chef and culinary educator at Yale Appliance earned high praise from the culinary elite (via Framingham Source). Previously, Wahid was a lifestyle television host in Dubai and attended the French Culinary Institute graduate. Since this version of "Chopped" did not solely focus on restaurant chefs, Wahid was excited to put her culinary skills to the test in front of Martha Stewart and Food Network viewers.

Even though "Chopped: Martha Rules" was a huge opportunity, Wahid appreciated that the experience would have its obstacles. In a recent interview with the Milford Daily News, Wahid shared that a few behind-the-scenes moments were definitely ones that she would like to forget. Still, she admitted that the first round that sent her foraging for her ingredients was the most difficult challenge. Given the time constraints and the foraging component, Wahid felt as if she was scrambling to finish. Although she only made salad, she believed that "game time decision" was the right one. With all the pressure hanging over the first challenge, she did second guess her salad choice. Still, after having to forage, prep, and prepare kale, a salad was a smart choice for the short time frame. 

Martha Stewart gave Saba Wahid the best compliment

As champion of "Chopped: Martha Rules," Saba Wahid outlasted 15 other chefs through a series of appetizer, entrée, and dessert challenges. During her interview with the Milford Daily News, Wahid shared various behind-the-scenes moments and her thoughts from the competition. While the end of the competition might have left her in tears, she was the only chef not to hear the dreaded phrase, "You've been chopped."

Her biggest highlight from the experience was Martha Stewart's praises when describing her talent. Stewart said, "You're elegant, you're eloquent, and a damn good chef." Although that comment left Wahid in slight disbelief, it is an accolade that she wants to remember forever. In some ways, it makes up for the spilled milk, challenging flounder, and unappetizing red snapper hot dog. Other chefs might have a "Chopped" title on their resume, but few have earned such high praise from Martha Stewart.