Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Stop Talking About Its New Dark Chocolate Watermelon Sticks

"Of all the new items I've tried recently this one is my FAVE ... DARK CHOCOLATE WATERMELON STICKS!" Instagrammer @traderjoesobsessed raved this week. The comment section is full of agreement: This snack is one to be excited about.

Grocery shopping might seem like a chore, but Trader Joe's has a cult following of fans who can't wait to cram into its parking lot on the regular and wait on long, aisle-snaking lines. Why? Well, 80 to 90% of the inventory is from one of the chain's private labels (via The Daily Meal), which not only helps keep prices attractively low but also creates an opening for creativity. Shoppers love the results. TJ's is known for its unique items, and when they're seasonal or limited-edition, people make mad dashes to stock up. 

Trader Joe's is responsible for everything bagel seasoning mania, after all. While others count down to the holidays because of decorating the tree or exchanging gifts, TJ's shoppers mark their calendars for Candy Cane Joe-Joe's, says The Kitchn. Then there are the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, the Unexpected Cheddar, and the Mandarin Orange Chicken, according to The Patch. Just in time for summer 2021, Trader Joe's has given its fans a new treat to buy in bulk, indulge in, talk about on social media, and send to their friends: Dark Chocolate Watermelon Sticks.

Dark Chocolate Watermelon Sticks are the latest addition to TJ's chocolate-and-fruit snacks

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Watermelon Sticks are soft, sort of jelly-gummy watermelon centers covered in dark chocolate. So, they're not exactly like eating fresh watermelon, but they're naturally flavored, and according to @traderjoesobsessed, they actually taste like watermelon. More so, apparently, than the grocery store's popular Watermelon Spread. A serving size of five sticks has 120 calories.

Commenters pointed out on @traderjoesobsessed's post that these reminded them of TJ's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sticks, which have been discontinued, while on @traderjoeslist's post, many professed a love of the still-available Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks (via Trader Joe's). 

"OMG NO WAY!!! The orange ones are my favorite and these sound just as amazing," raved @wholefoods_foodreviews. Other commenters declared it a "must find."

The Dark Chocolate Watermelon Sticks are just the latest example of this grocery store's flair for creative snacking, and in particular, proving how well sweet, bitter, smooth dark chocolate pairs with bright, tart fruit flavors. For an extra layer of irresistibility in your summer dessert routine, follow @traderjoesobsessed's advice and try popping these in the freezer for a bit before enjoying.