Popular Goldfish Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

Think back to your lunchbox days: What were the foods that made lunchtime fun? Perhaps you were more of a veggies kid, or maybe you loved the apples that your mom always packed. If you fall into those categories, though, your parents probably weren't sending you off to school with Goldfish crackers. These tiny little crackers shaped like fish were (and still are) destined to brighten up your day. There's something about digging into a bag of these that will have you coming back for more. These are downright addictive, even.

Back in the day, there were only a few different varieties of Goldfish crackers to snack on. Now, though, the possibilities are almost endless. Some of these flavors are amazing, and we wish they had been around for longer so we could have enjoyed them in our own youth. Then again, it seems like anything that's in the shape of a little fish can qualify for Goldfish status these days. That has led to some ... let's say unconventional flavors.

The next time you're at the grocery store and find yourself standing in the cracker aisle, you may start asking yourself which kind of Goldfish you should get. With so many options, it's hard to pick the best ones out there. But that's why we've done all the dirty work for you. We've ranked some of the most popular flavors of Goldfish out there, and present them now from worst to best.

18. Vanilla Cupcake Grahams

If there's one flavor that Goldfish crackers offer, it's salty. These bad boys are usually coated in a generous helping of salt that turns them from just blah into a savory snack of your dreams. But when you try the vanilla cupcake grahams, that's far from what you're actually going to get. You guessed it: Instead of a cheesy base, these things actually boast a graham cracker body. This may not be a problem if you actually want graham crackers or have a serious sweet tooth, but this isn't what most people are going for when they buy Goldfish.

The texture of the graham cracker is simply not good, as these crackers just don't have the crunch you might expect. In fact, they're noticeably soft, but not in an especially pleasant way. Additionally, the vanilla flavoring in these crackers is just way, way too strong. It doesn't taste like a cupcake, per se, but more like a mixture of the sugar and vanilla extract that you spilled on your countertop the last time you made cookies.

While the appearance of sprinkles in these crackers is admittedly cute, that's about all this flavor has going for it. Here's a hot take: If you want a dessert, go find some ice cream, a candy bar, a cake — anything that counts as a real dessert. If you want Goldfish, don't let yourself be fooled by the weirdly sweet options available.

17. S'mores Grahams

Since the vanilla cupcake grahams got the last place on this ranking, it shouldn't surprise you to see the Goldfish s'mores grahams in the next-to-last place. While these may be slightly better than the cupcake crackers, they're still just not something we can fully get on board with. These graham cracker treats are made to resemble the different parts of s'mores, namely the graham cracker itself, the marshmallow, and the chocolate. But the actual taste of all these different cracker components doesn't even come close to the real thing.

The graham cracker pieces are just boring. There's basically no flavor there at all. You might even wish that they were left out entirely, they're so aggressively unremarkable. The little marshmallow pieces are unbearably sweet, leaving you with a bad taste and an odd filmy texture in your mouth. The chocolate pieces are definitely the best ones, but that's not saying much. The chocolate taste is overwhelming and they make your mouth feel dry every time you take a bite.

And you may assume that they would all taste better once you put them together, but that's just not the case either. Our advice? Skip out on these entirely and just try to forget that Pepperidge Farm ever decided to make your beloved savory snack into something sweet in the first place.

16. Flavor Blasted Sour Cream and Onion

This may be a controversial opinion, so feel free to disagree, but most sour cream and onion products are just no good. The sour cream flavor always comes across too strong, so you're often left with a serious pucker. Meanwhile, the onion does nothing but make your breath smell bad. So it's no surprise that the Flavor Blasted sour cream and onion Goldfish are pretty disappointing. We'll say it here first: Almost all of the Flavor Blasted varieties of Goldfish have way, way too much seasoning on them. The resulting flavors are too strong, which makes them hard to enjoy.

With this particular flavor, that extra punch of taste is especially bad considering that the sour cream and onion flavor just isn't that exciting, to begin with. When you make it even stronger, however, it results in a cracker that you won't be able to eat more than a few of at a time. And when you consider that Goldfish are known for being so good that it's hard to stop eating them, it's clear that Goldfish seriously missed the mark here.

Of course, if you're the kind of person who absolutely loves sour cream and onion, then this may be the snack for you. For all of the rest of us, though, this should not be your go-to flavor.

15. Flavor Blasted Cheddar and Sour Cream

Here's another example of the Flavor Blasted line going amiss. The Flavor Blasted cheddar and sour cream Goldfish may not be as bad as the sour cream and onion, but they're still far from our favorite. Like we mentioned before, the sour cream flavor here is just too strong, and it results in a taste that is really sour. Ideally, it's supposed to add a touch of flavor, not an unbearable tartness as it does in this Goldfish flavor. While the cheddar flavoring is good, they took it too far when they "flavor blasted" this product.

Is it the worst choice available when you're buying Goldfish? No. If this is all that's left on the shelf, you may still consider buying it. But for us, there's no reason to settle for this subpar taste when there are so many amazing Goldfish flavors out there that are even more readily available. Thinking about trying this flavor? Maybe you should think again.

14. Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar

Now we move on to the next Flavor Blasted variety in the lineup. If you think that Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar sounds like overkill, you're completely right. We want to know: Has anyone complained about the normal cheddar flavor, suggesting that it's somehow not cheddar-y enough? Why did Pepperidge Farm decide that we needed even more flavor in every Goldfish? No matter how this flavor came to fruition, it's overdoing it. The thing is, this flavor isn't offering anything new. Sure, the original cheddar is good, but nobody really wants a more intense version of the same flavor, do they?

While yes, the overall taste is good, it's still just too much. If you want to eat Goldfish by the fistful, you're probably not going to like this variety as much as the plain versions. To be fair, we get it. In a world of ever more options, the makers of Goldfish don't want to get left behind while other snack food brands take the stage. But the era of "xtreme" foods is over and, honestly, we like it better that way. Maybe if you lost your sense of taste while you had a cold, you'd want these slightly stronger-tasting crackers. But otherwise? Don't waste your money.

13. Baked With Whole Grain Cheddar

Sometimes, you want a snack, but you're looking for a healthier option. That's totally understandable, and it's a smart move if you want to feel your best on a daily basis. But often, making super-small changes when you're essentially eating the same food doesn't really help that much. Take, for instance, Cheddar Goldfish that are baked with whole grain. We'd like to think that the whole grains make a difference in your health, but you're still just eating handfuls of cheese-flavored carbs.

Additionally, the whole grain variety doesn't taste as good as the normal crackers do. The flavor is just a little bit off, honestly. It may not be enough of a taste difference for you to notice right away, but eventually, you'll catch on that these aren't your average Goldfish. We don't want to say they're bad, because they're really not. But if you're looking for that classic Goldfish taste, it's unlikely that these are going to quite do it for you. Consider going to the classic cheddar flavor of Goldfish instead. You may be being slightly less healthy by going that route, but if as long as you keep your snacking to a reasonable quantity, it doesn't hurt to enjoy the food you really want.

12. Pretzel

If you're the type of person who absolutely loves Goldfish, you probably also like pretzels too. They both have the same carby, salty thing going for them. While you've probably always bought your pretzels and your Goldfish separately, you can now get them together, all in one package with the Goldfish Pretzel crackers. These really have nothing Goldfish-y about them apart from the fact that they're shaped like little fish. Otherwise, they're all pretzel. And while we love pretzels, there's something about the shape of these that leaves us wondering if they're as good as the sticks or twists you're used to getting.

Most pretzels are covered in quite a bit of salt, which is necessary when you consider the fact that there's really not much of any other flavor there when you bite into a pretzel. Ultimately, the only thing in the mix to make it genuinely delicious is the salt. However, we found that these Goldfish pretzel crackers don't have that much salt on them. Is this probably better for your health? Absolutely. But when it comes to the actual flavor, it doesn't help.

By all means, if you're craving pretzels and can't find any other options, then this Goldfish version should work fine. If, however, you can find other pretzels, then leave these alone and pick up some normal Goldfish instead. Then you'll have two distinct and delicious snacks.

11. Parmesan

Most of the time, cheddar Goldfish get all the recognition. When you picture Goldfish, what kind comes to mind? If you're like most people, you think about the bright orange ones that are supposedly infused with cheddar cheese. They are, in short, iconic Goldfish crackers. But cheddar isn't your only option. If you want to try something different but still amazingly cheesy, then the Parmesan Goldfish may be exactly what you're looking for. Just look for the green package and you can try this slightly different flavor.

While the Parmesan still has that distinct, cheesy taste you've come to know and love, it's a bit milder than its cheddar cousin. So, those who want a flavor that's a little more understated might enjoy the Parmesan variety more. We, however, don't think it ranks quite as high as the standard Goldfish that you're used to. While this variety does taste good, it almost feels like there's something missing. You bite into a cracker expecting the full taste of Goldfish, and you're left with something that's just not quite as strong.

Basically, the Parmesan Goldfish are a solid choice, but where you rank them depends on what you like in a snack. If you want something lighter, they're worth a try.

10. Flavor Blasted Cheddar Jack'd

Now let's talk about a flavor that's not lighter at all. The Flavor Blasted Cheddar Jack'd Goldfish definitely have something going for them, and they offer a pop of flavor that you definitely won't get from the Parmesan. First of all, we'll reiterate what we said above: The Flavor Blasted varieties of these crackers are often just too much to really enjoy. The flavor is often unnecessarily intense, which isn't something you always want from a midday snack. We'll stick with that judgment when it comes to this option, too.

But the Cheddar Jack'd variety has something that the others don't have, and that's a bit of a kick. Why? That's because of the inclusion of Monterey Jack cheese. It's not just your average Jack cheese, though, because you'll also taste the jalapeño peppers in there too. That little bit of spice transforms this cracker into something we can actually enjoy now and then. Sure, the cheddar flavor might still be a bit too strong, but the added bit of spice goes a long way in balancing that flavor out into something more interesting overall.

Ultimately, you're left with a treat that has some kick to it thanks to the slight heat of the jalapeño. While it's not necessarily spicy, it has just enough edge to keep things interesting. If you're interested in one of the more creative flavors in the Goldfish lineup, then you have to give this one a try.

9. Flavor Blasted White Cheddar

Another Flavor Blasted variety for you to try out is likely to be the Flavor Blasted White Cheddar. White cheddar can be milder than the cheddar you may be used to, which means that the "flavor blasting" of these crackers is a little less intense than the other varieties you might encounter. While it's still stronger than we would like, we have to admit that the end result is still something that we can thoroughly enjoy on occasion. The cheese gives the crackers a nice, sharp taste. In fact, you won't feel like you need to eat them with anything else at all — they're flavorful enough to stand on their own.

The color of these looks a bit strange — you may notice that your Goldfish even appear a little anemic next to their orange counterparts — but we guess that looks aren't the most important thing when it comes to admittedly low-brow snack food anyway. Keep in mind that kids may not like this flavor as much, as it's likely to taste different than what they're used to. However, we think that this is a solid flavor choice for the grown-ups in the room.

8. Veggie Cheesy Tomato

Next up on our list are the Veggie Cheesy Tomato Goldfish. When you first see these, you may think they're healthier than the average snack food, thanks to the prominent vegetable labeling on the package. But just because they're advertised as "veggie crackers" doesn't necessarily mean they're much better for you than the normal stuff. Sure, there is some tomato powder in these crackers, which might make them appear marginally healthier. But besides that, it's most of the same stuff you're getting in any other cracker. So, if you're buying this variety of crackers because you think they're much healthier than your average Goldfish, perhaps you should think again.

On the other hand, maybe you're just buying this variety for the flavor. And if that's the case, then you won't go wrong with these. The tomato flavor is definitely present, giving the crackers a fresher taste than you might expect compared to other varieties. We also love how the tomato mixes with the cheese to create a new and interesting flavor combination.

So, while we don't exactly love the quasi-healthy marketing ploy used with this product, it's a good choice overall if you want to mix up your Goldfish selection.

7. Flavor Blasted Cheesy Pizza

Later on in this ranking, you'll see that we really love pizza-flavored Goldfish. But when it comes to the Flavor Blasted version of the same flavor, we have mixed feelings. For one, the pizza flavor is quite strong in this snack. Since the flavor is good, you'll definitely enjoy snacking on a few of these. The problem comes in when you have more than a few at the same time. That's when it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. There are also the competing flavors of the normal cheddar flavor of Goldfish and the pizza flavoring itself. It's definitely good, to be certain, but it can get a little intense after a while. Plus, there's so much flavoring that these crackers actually feel powdery, a texture that could turn away some snackers.

All that being said, there's something delicious about this snack at the same time. In fact, out of all the Flavor Blasted flavors, this one is definitely our favorite. If you're not afraid of intense flavor and plenty of salt in your food, then there's a good chance you're going to like it too. However, you may want to try out the normal pizza flavor at the same time to determine which one you like best. That way, you'll know which one you should buy from the store going forward.

6. Goldfish Mix Xtra Cheddar + Pretzel

Neither the Pretzel nor the Xtra Cheddar Goldfish ranked very high in this list. Therefore, you may be wondering why the Goldfish Mix Xtra Cheddar + Pretzel ranks so high, though it combines two seemingly lesser flavors. That's because the two types of crackers really balance each other out and together create something that's pretty special when they go together. First of all, we'll admit that the Xtra Cheddar is just too strongly flavored, meaning that it can be overwhelming. On the other hand, the Pretzel Goldfish usually isn't that salty, and it seems like they're missing something to make them complete. It makes sense, then, that combining them would turn the result into something special.

However, you have to be strategic in how you eat these things. While you could always just grab one flavor at a time, that's not the way to do it. Instead, in every bite, you should eat one of each flavor. That way, they mix perfectly together and create something that's actually really amazing. When you eat the individual flavors on their own, however, it's just not as good (though the cheese seasoning on the Xtra Cheddar kind of rubs off on the pretzel pieces as well, lending some extra flavor to the crackers).

Have you ever had a soft pretzel dipped in a cheese sauce? Well, that's kind of what you're going to get in this situation. It's a unique combo that you'll certainly want to try.

5. Goldfish Baby Cheddar

If you've ever had the normal cheddar Goldfish, then you know that they have set the standard for Goldfish in general. That's probably the kind you had before all the others, so it makes sense that you would compare every other flavor to them. That's no exception when it comes to the Baby Cheddar flavor. Wondering what's so "baby" about this particular cracker? Well, if you've never had these things, then you may be surprised to find out that it's not about the cheddar at all. Instead, these are just smaller crackers with the same familiar flavor you already know and love.

These crackers are really cute, and obviously, since they're the same as normal cheddar crackers, they taste really good. You could easily kill off a bag of these in no time. However, the size of them makes these crackers slightly less appealing somehow. These aren't the kinds of things you eat one at a time. Instead, you'll probably grab a whole handful of them and chow down that way. At least when we eat normal Goldfish, we can pretend we're not eating them by the handful.

That being said, the smaller size is really cute. Who doesn't love a miniature version of food they already enjoy? And this Goldfish cracker is ideal for little ones because they're the perfect size for tiny hands, meaning you may want to consider this variety for the next snack break at home.

4. Goldfish Cheddar

Now, here comes a real classic. It's your go-to after-school snack and the bag you still reach for whenever you're having a nostalgic craving. This is Cheddar Goldfish. Chances are pretty good that this is probably the first flavor of the snack you've ever tried, so of course, it holds a special place in our hearts. We just can't help but think of all the great memories it's been tied to over the years. 

You may be surprised that this one didn't end up in the first place, but we have our reasons. There are some flavors that just, well, taste better than the typical cheddar. Because it's so common, the cheddar can even seem a bit basic at times. And if you're used to trying a lot of different Goldfish flavors, then you might find this one a little bit lackluster when you go back and try it again.

That being said, the cheddar ranks so high on our list because it's just that familiar. And truly, the taste is delicious. While the cheddar flavor isn't overwhelming, it has just enough taste for you to really savor it. The salt works overtime here, complementing the cheese perfectly. And it's all wrapped up in a tiny cracker that you can eat a ton of before you find yourself getting full. So yes, we absolutely love the cheddar, and it's a flavor that we'll keep coming back to for years to come.

3. Goldfish Colors

Are you wondering what the difference is between cheddar Goldfish and Goldfish Colors? Well, not much at all. The flavor is exactly the same, so you know you're not going to get anything that tastes drastically different here. But there's one factor that makes these crackers stand out above the competition: the color. Red, yellow, and green food coloring come together to make a rainbow-colored bag of Goldfish that is guaranteed to make you smile the moment you open the package. It still has that delicious taste, but it's way prettier and more visually appealing than the average Goldfish.

We want to be clear that this doesn't have anything to do with taste. Instead, it all just comes down to appearance. If you're having friends over and want to put out some snacks, these colored Goldfish will simply look better in a little bowl. Your kids will undoubtedly like them more. And they just add some variety to your day. If you're the kind of person who loves colorful food, then these are going to be a hit in your book.

2. Goldfish Pizza

Not everyone wants the same old, same old snack. Sometimes, you might want something that's a bit different from what you're used to but is still kind of familiar at the same time. If you're looking for that typical Goldfish crunchiness and saltiness but wish there were just a little more depth to it, you're in luck, as Pizza Goldfish are actually really good. It may be hard to believe, but they actually do kind of taste like pizza — if pizza came in cracker form, that is. Add some crunch to that flavor, and it's clear why this option is such a winner.

Insider agrees with us too. This is what they had to say about this flavor: "I'm stoked about this one since I love both pizza and Goldfish. There's something so pure about pizza-flavored things, and it feels tough to get the flavors wrong. Plus with the open bag and the fragrance of the crackers just wafting over to me, I just want to dive in."

We couldn't agree more. In fact, we may or may not have eaten a whole bag of these while writing this article. While the pizza flavor may not come in the first place, it's definitely as close as it can be to the top spot.

1. Goldfish Original

We know we might catch some criticism for this ranking. But we're here to tell you the truth, not to sugarcoat the uncomfortable reality of Goldfish crackers. And one of those uncomfortable truths is that the original Goldfish actually taste better than the cheddar variety (and every other flavor out there). Why are they so much better? It comes down to simplicity. While all these other crackers are trying to be something they're not, the original is just doing a great job being itself. Its job isn't to be the most flavorful cracker out there — it's to provide a salty crunch that makes your day a little bit better when you look at the shape.

Also, when you think about the fact that these crackers are shaped like little fish, it just makes sense that they would find their way into a soup from time to time. While Cheddar Goldfish won't go with most soups, the original Goldfish can be paired with just about anything. In fact, they're basically just a more delicious version of oyster crackers, which are already recognized as the ultimate soup cracker anyway. Don't you want to see a little salty fish swimming around in your next veggie or chicken noodle soup?

It's okay if you don't believe us. Before you judge, you have to go try this flavor for yourself. Once you do, you will recognize the genius that is the simplicity of this ubiquitous cracker.