Aldi Shoppers Are Raving About These Affordable Churro Twists

Aldi's game is so strong, the grocer has multiple fan accounts on Instagram, charting every new product as soon as it hits shelves. New seasonal cheeses? Check. Dumplings coming in strong? Check. So it's safe to say that if the Aldi fan accounts are excited about a new launch, we civilians should be, too.

Sometimes you need to capitalize the 's' in 'snack,' especially if the hype seems worthy. Aldi delivers with its new Churro Twists. The snack (sorry, Snack) has fans of the grocer cheering. The new snack joins the new selection of summer cheeses as a seasonal item. The package comes in a three-ounce bag and retails for 99 cents.

Aldi fans are stoked — genuinely stoked — about the new snack. "I ate the whole bag of Churros," one Instagrammer posted on Aldi Favorite Finds' picture of the product. Another posted the Mango Chili was "so good, finished the block in one day."

The Churro Twists are back

The last time the Churro Twists showed up at Aldi seems to be 2017, when an Instagram user commented about how seriously addicting the snacks were: "If you go to Aldi ... do NOT get these!! They are so addictive and are like the ones at Taco Bell, but way better!! Don't get them unless you plan on eating the whole bag!" the post reads.

Aldi fans seem to have the hook-up on delicious pairings. "Great light dessert after tacos!" one happy customer commented on the post. Another commenter cut straight to the chase: "They taste just like Taco Bells, everyone says that."

Take a scoop of your favorite ice cream, crumble a handful of the churros, and sprinkle them over the frozen treat for a crunchy topping. Or you can smash 'em to bits and sprinkle the churros over oatmeal or yogurt. Also delicious would be to fan the churros out on a plate, and serve alongside crackers and fruit for a fun twist on a charcuterie plate. We think there's probably an adventurous recipe tinkerer out there who could also make a version of a Rice Krispie treat (from Sally's Baking Addiction) using the Churro Twists.

Better hurry. Not every Aldi stocks the twists, and even then, there's no guarantee how long they'll stay in stock.