The Canned Fish Ted Allen Swears By

If Ted Allen has done one thing for Food Network viewers and fans over the years, it's gained their trust. In addition to hosting three shows on the food-centric channel — one of which being the popular "Chopped" that's won not one, but two James Beard Awards — the TV personality is also a cookbook author, per his website. He won the hearts of many when he shared his extensive food and wine knowledge on Bravo's "Queer Eye" back in 2003, and he remains a reliable source when it comes to all things flavor. 

Allen is a die-hard anchovy fan and took to Twitter to share his go-to brand when it comes to canned fish. "Use anchovies every chance you get," Allen said. That salty umami flavor packs quite a punch and kicks up any dish in a matter of seconds with depth and zest. Allen reaches for Roland flat fillets of anchovies when his dishes need that "umami bomb," as he hashtagged.

This brand of anchovies boasts that they're a must in a 'properly stocked pantry'

Anchovies are definitely a hit or miss in the kitchen. In the heat of pizza party ordering, you're bound to hear one or two folks begging for a sans anchovy pizza, while some will demand anchovies are aplenty. Anchovy haters will claim they can taste the remnants of the salty fish from a mile away, and to be fair, a little bit does go a long way. Although, many dishes featuring anchovies won't include any bites of the fish itself, but rather mixed into the dish to the point where just the essence of the flavor remains.

Roland Foods comments on the boosting popularity of tinned fish over the years, and the transition the cupboard staple has made from unrefined to elegant. "They're required components to any properly stocked pantry," the specialty food corporation says on their website. Tinned fish was previously conceived as a budget-friendly saving grace when it came to dinnertime. It may still be budget-friendly, but it's seen as more of a fancy treat today. If Ted Allen swears by Roland anchovies (according to his Twitter), then they must be lavish.