KFC Singapore's Fried Chicken 'Popsicles' Are Turning Heads

There's really something about KFC's signature fried chicken that makes it so delicious. And while there's so many great items to indulge in at KFC Stateside, if you go abroad, you'll notice that the menu looks a little different, but is just as appealing. In Singapore, for example, the chain's options include fried chicken skins. It's the perfect item for fans of pork rinds, but if you're ever in the country, there's another fun new item that's turning heads (and we can only hope makes its way to the US soon).

According to Best Products, KFC in Singapore recently launched fried chicken "popsicles" for a limited time. Basically it just means the fried chicken is on a stick, which is genius when you think about it. Eating fried chicken can often be a little messy, but with the popsicle construction, you can dive into your meal while keeping your hands clean. Plus, the newly launched seasonings also add extra flavor and excitement to each bite.

The flavors of KFC fried chicken popsicles are just as appealing

These fried chicken popsicles aren't just KFC's regular chicken, either — they're actually packed with more flavor and spices. According to the Singapore KFC website, these new menu items come in two flavors. The first is the BBQ Cheese Popsicle, which the website describes as "drizzled with smoky chipotle BBQ sauce and topped with crunchy cheese sprinkle." If you're not in the mood for cheese or BBQ, there's also the Mala Popsicle, which is "coated with mala sauce and topped with crunchy mala sprinkle."

Chewboom says that mala is made up of chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns, so this is a great choice for anyone who likes spicy food. Both of these options include some crunchy element on top, making sure these treats will be extra crisp. 

If you can't make the trip to Singapore to get your hands on a KFC fried chicken popsicle any time soon, get creative in your own kitchen by making copycat KFC fried chicken, or you jazz up your own recipe with this secret ingredient.