You Should Be Using This Kitchen Tool To Slice Mushrooms

Whether it's shiitake or button, in a breakfast omelette or on a pizza, mushrooms are known for their variety as much as their versatility. If you want to elevate your dish with earthy flavors, or if you want to make a vegetarian-friendly version of a meat-based recipe, mushrooms are always the answer (via Self).

It only takes a few minutes to make a portobello burger, since it's basically a grilled portobello mushroom cap between two buns, and it's even easier to make stuffed mushrooms, since all you really need is a food processor. But not all mushroom recipes are that easy. In fact, most require slicing them into even pieces. No matter how skilled you are with a kitchen knife or how many times you've used mushrooms before, the process can still get pretty tedious. Especially if you're planning to feed a bunch of people, or if you're just meal prepping for the week, this mushroom slicing life hack, shared on Reddit, can save you a ton of time.

An egg slicer is both a convenient tool and a disability accommodation

According to Reddit user Mr_Vorland, an egg slicer works great for mushrooms as much as eggs. As demonstrated in the video the user shared, it's a very straightforward process. Just place mushrooms one at a time underneath the wires, press down on the attachment to slice them, and repeat as many times as necessary.

Despite the criticism in the comments section, many of which suggested that doing so is just lazy, or only necessary for recipes that call for hundreds of mushrooms, Mr_Vorland, who went on to explain that he cooks in the kitchen of an assisted living facility, pointed out what commenters failed to recognize. It's a great kitchen gadget for anyone who isn't comfortable using a knife or for those who have limited dexterity in their hands. However, even if you're simply in a rush to cut your mushrooms and want to do so as evenly as possible, an egg slicer is still a convenient one to have on hand, for both eggs and mushrooms.