Here's What Ali Khan Really Thinks About 'Bobby And Giada In Italy'

Ali Khan is the bubbly Food Network personality with the infectious smile we all love. This Youtuber, food aficiando, and host of "Cheap Eats" has quite the resume in the culinary industry having appeared on "Grill It! with Bobby Flay," "The Best Thing I Ever Made," and "Chopped Junior." He also has a definite respect for the world of food, cooking, and baking. "Baking is no joke! There is such precision that goes into it," he told TV Insider. "If you're off in your measurements, it simply won't work."

Khan also noted in the interview the food related content produced during the pandemic changed everything. He even found himself using his phone to film and create. "I think people are cooking a ton," he told the outlet. "That's across the board. Now we're cooking at all times of the day and getting out of our comfort zones." One cooking series to come out during the pandemic was "Bobby and Giada in Italy" and Khan took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts about it.

The show made Ali Khan want to travel

"Bobby and Giada in Italy" gave Khan some major travel vibes. He tweeted, "Bobby and Giada in Italy pretty much makes me want to make Italy the first international trip I want to make post Covid." And the celebrity chef was not alone in this feeling with one follower simply responding, "Totally agree!" Khan added that he was particularly impressed by the mortadella meatballs from Giada De Laurentiis's favorite restaurant that were featured on the show. "Watching the mortadella meatballs rn," he wrote. "I mean c'mon."

We couldn't agree with Khan more. Watching Flay and De Laurentiis walk the streets and eat the eats of Italy had us checking airline fares and planning for the end of the pandemic. From the gelato they sampled to the pasta making to the pizza, the food got our taste buds salivating. Here's to hoping we can all travel to Italy soon and have our own Italian food inspired fun.