Costco Shoppers Are Losing It Over This $30,000 Scotch

Costco is one of our most valued big box retailers known for large quantities and affordable loss leader deals, like hot dogs and roast chicken. Yet, while we all know there are high-end products available, Costco's newest offering will make shoppers feel as if they have fallen into an episode of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." Customers can take Costco's bottle of scotch home for a mere $29,999 (via Reddit). No, that's not a typo. Locked up behind a glass case at the Washington, D.C. location, Costco has a bottle of fancy scotch available for almost $30,000, and that's actually a discount off of last year's offering of the same style product for $34,999.99 (via Reddit).

Social media users are dumbfounded over the scotch, as most cannot fathom what to do with a bottle of liquor this fancy. Of course, jokes abound about mixing this with soda or adding a chaser, but Redditor unclassified1 gets the punchline with the quip, "Can I use the Costco return policy after enjoying a few glasses and deciding it's 'not for me'??" Commenting on last year's bottle, elivings1 added, "I always found it funny that Costco will sell these items for thousands of [dollars] to the point it is a down payment on a house. I was looking up watches to buy and found watches that were 55k. It begs the question on who can spend this amount of money."

Costco actually has a history of selling high-end items — it's just that most of us did not notice. As for the Scotch, why is this so expensive?

An exlusive bottle years in the making

These signature bottles of scotch are created by The Balvenie and aged 50 years. Balvenie Scotch is supervised by Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE, who began at the distillery in 1962, serving a 12-year apprenticeship before moving up in the organization (via The Balvenie). Stewart is now the longest serving Malt Master in the Scotch whisky industry. In short, there's literally no comparison — The Balvenie stands alone in experience and skill. Not a single step is skipped, or rushed, in this age-old and highly skilled trade. 

Just imagine beginning a scotch 50 years ago and being around to watch it bottled and sold. One would likely be quite proud and sentimental.

To get an idea of how rare this is, Costco Arizona was once the purveyor of a 60-year-old scotch by Macallan — a high-end brand but not quite a match for Stewart in experience. This bottle of Macallan was listed for a mere $17,000 (via Delish). At the time of this sales listing, the $17k bottle was one of 72 in the U.S. and an absolute bargain compared to the $460,000, 64-year-old bottle in a Lalique crystal decanter that they sold previously at auction. It's clear — these scotches are exclusive, and one could say an investment that ages well, too.

The Balvenie 50-year may be out of reach in price, but the company also sells many "younger" scotches that the average drinker can enjoy without breaking the bank.