Trader Joe's Adorable Citrus Mousse Cakes Are Perfect For Summer

Lemon. Orange. Mousse.Cake. It's a mathematical equation that is difficult to get wrong. We'd go as far as to say that it's almost as impossible as impressing Gordon Ramsay on TikTok or sneezing with your eyes open to come up with a better summer dessert. President Joe Biden may be an ice cream person — what, you, too?! But a healthy appreciation for ice cream shouldn't preclude anyone from recognizing greatness. Plus, there aren't many ice cream flavors you couldn't combine with a citrus mousse cake. We digress. 

Trader Joe's has just come out with what is almost certainly destined to become the dessert of the summer, and the answer to your picnic, tea party, and sophisticated cocktail-night-on-the-patio-with-Frank-Sinatra-playing-in-the-background needs. Its new citrus mousse cakes come in packs of six. Each mini cake, according to Trader Joe's website can be enjoyed in two to three bites, and consist of "a thick layer of moist, vanilla cake" and "luscious" orange or lemon mousse, all of which are encased in a sweet confectionery coating, and decorated to look like perfect, adorable mini lemon and oranges. Trader Joes' customers are already in love. 

Trader Joes citrus mousse cakes have stolen Trader Joe's shoppers' hearts

The first mention that we found of Trader Joe's citrus mousse cakes on the internet dates back to early May 2021, and it is difficult to pin down anyone who isn't bonkers for them. On Instagram, Trader Joes' shoppers write variations of " I love these so much," and "These mousse cakes. Are. Delicious." For their part, one Trader Joe's shopper on Reddit wrote, "They must be good, my kids inhaled all of them before I got to try one." On her blog, Mrs. Trader Joe's rated the mini mousse cakes an 8/10, deducting two points because the orange-flavored cake lacked a full flavor profile.

End of story? For $3.49 a pack, the citrus mousse cakes are undeniably worth a trip to Trader Joe's. And while they won't win any prizes for nutrition, according to the grocery store's website one serving size (three cakes, if you can limit yourself to that many) does include an impressive 4 percent of your recommended daily calcium intake. This means that along with being adorable, Trader Joe's citrus mousse cakes are also (kind of) good for your bones. Or close enough.