How Ali Khan Really Feels About Avocado Toast

Let's face it: Avocado toast is the trend no one predicted. Seriously, who in their right mind could have imagined paying upwards of $900,000 a month for this simple food fare? Yet per CNBC, Americans have been crazy enough to do just that. What's so great about mashed up avocado on a piece of toast that you would pay on average $10 for? According to Well+Good, a slice of avocado toast uses a whole avocado, which would run you $3 if you made it for yourself at home. If you are nodding your head in agreement, there is a celebrity chef who initially felt the same way, but after trying it, he is singing a different song, according to his social media.

Ali Khan, who is part of the foodie cast of Food Network's "Spring Baking Championship," was not a fan of the concept of avocado toast, but all that changed once he started sipping away at the "avocado toast Kool-Aid," and he clearly was hooked. Khan shared in a tweet, "When Avocado Toast became the rage I quietly said 'I can get guacamole on a tortilla for hell of a lot less.' Then I made it at home and realized how amazing and healthy and economical it can be." Same. But when Khan goes in on something, he really doubles down and goes all in.

He uses sprouted bread

In an episode of "That Breakfast Show!" (posted on YouTube), Khan explains that he is making avocado toast, because avocados are "cool." The celebrity chef goes on to share that avocado toast is just that — avocado and toast — and you could stop right there, but he explains that it's that third or fourth ingredient that really brings out the "personality" of the dish.

Khan then demonstrates how he makes avocado toast for his family. It starts with a sprouted bread because, as he notes, it is super "nutrient packed" and its dense texture makes it well-suited to hold all that lovely green smashed up avocado. He also shares this important insider tip for those new to the avocado toast trend: butter your bread before you add the avocado, but after it is toasted. 

The video of Khan making this nouveau breakfast staple is definitely worth watching as he hops on the avocado toast bandwagon. Khan even reveals his tip for telling whether the avocado is ripe and it is simply giving it a little squeeze to see if you can make a springy indent, but not poke your finger through the skin. He also likes to score his avocado with his knife so he doesn't leave any of that precious green behind. When it comes time to mash it up, he simply adds a little lemon juice and salt, but shares you can add lemon zest too if it is "that kind of morning." In a word: yum.