The Genius Way Alex Guarnaschelli Uses Up Leftover Herbs

There are so many ways to keep you from wasting any leftovers, and not just in the case of last night's dinner, but all the single components you cook with. When it comes to raw ingredients, leftover herb stems are surprisingly useful, for example, but what if you just have way too many herbs on hand in general? If your mint or any other herb has gotten out of control, then Alex Guarnaschelli has the perfect way to use up your extra herbs while adding a flavor boost to any dish. 

While Guarnaschelli has already mastered the art of herbs in other ways — such as her springtime pesto — we're not surprised she has a few other hacks up her sleeve. For People, Guarnaschelli offered a great rundown about how to make herb-infused honey if you've got extra herbs in your garden. While her recipe specifically uses mint and basil, it's clear that any of your favorite green, leafy additions will do. Here's how she repurposes leftover herbs for a honey that can be drizzled onto plenty of dishes.

How to preserve herbs in honey

Alex Guarnaschelli broke down how to make her special herb-infused honey in an article for People, and it's surprisingly simple and straightforward. You start by simmering your honey until it gets darker than its raw form. "You want it amber but not super dark," Guarnaschelli told the publication. "If you let it simmer too long, the honey tends to get bitter." Then, the herbs should go into the honey, but make sure to take the honey off the heat. Guarnaschelli pours this mixture into a jar and leaves it in the fridge for a few days to let the flavor fully kick in.

If you don't have fresh herbs on hand, you can still make herb-infused honey with dry herbs and use it as you would with fresh herb-laden honey, including as a centerpiece of a cheese plate. Building the perfect charcuterie board means adding touches of sweetness and condiments, and a good herb-infused honey will take this to the next level. Don't have any honey? There are other ways to keep your favorite seasonings fresh and on hand throughout the year, including freezing your herbs.