The Truth About Waffle Love From Great Food Truck Race: All Stars

Many of the competitors facing off in "The Great Food Truck Race: All-Stars" know what it feels like to win on the show. Waffle Love isn't one of them. The upcoming season, which premieres Sunday, June 6 on the Food Network, features seven trucks from past seasons of "The Great Food Truck Race," according to Discovery. Waffle Love appeared in Season 6 in 2015, when the race followed Route 66 from Santa Monica, California, to Chicago, according to a 2015 Deseret News article. But the waffle truck had to settle for second place after losing out to Pho Nomenal Dumplings in the final leg. While some of the other six trucks on the upcoming "All-Stars" season already know what victory tastes like, Waffle Love may get to savor redemption.

A 2014 Desert News article tells the story of how Waffle Love was born. Adam Terry was a young husband and father of three living in a one-bedroom apartment in Provo, Utah, when the bank he worked for laid him off. Worried about his family's future, Terry scrambled to find a good paycheck, finally latching onto the idea of opening a Belgian waffle restaurant. He was an experienced restaurant cook, so the idea had some merit — but his proposal was rejected. Undaunted, Terry looked around and saw exactly zero food trucks where he lived, in Utah County. Waffle Love would be the first.

Waffle Love grew from Utah County's first food truck to a multi-state operation

Adam Terry had been too busy running his Waffle Love food truck to ever catch any episodes of "The Great Food Truck Race," according to a 2015 Deseret News article. Once he finally got to see the show, however, he knew he had to be on it. Two of his brothers jumped on the truck with him to help him on the show. In fact, Terry was one of 14 children, and before he launched his business, they provided a large pool of taste-testers to advise him as he perfected his waffle batter. "The waffle recipe itself took a lot of trial and error, I think about a dozen experiments with my family," Terry told the Deseret News. "They were kind of sick of my waffles by then, but then when I finally nailed it, I got it right."

Terry's Belgian waffles were so right, that by the time Season 6 of "The Great Food Truck Race" aired he was operating multiple food trucks in Utah and Arizona and a restaurant in Provo, with another restaurant preparing to open in Gilbert, Arizona. He told Deseret News at the time that the show should bring him "a lot of good exposure," and he was right. Today, according to its website, Waffle Love still has trucks in Utah and Arizona and has added restaurants in California, Texas, and Idaho.