Martha Stewart's Secret Method To Ensure Guests Love Her Food

If you are tasked with throwing a fabulous dinner party and could get assistance from any one person, Martha Stewart would be a very good choice. The "domestic goddess" has written nearly 100 books on cooking, decorating, crafting, and throwing a party. Her website,, is a veritable encyclopedia for would-be hosts with tips for doing everything from how to set a table to how to make a pitcher of cocktails.

Fellow celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian interviewed Stewart at a New York City Barnes & Noble bookstore as part of a launch for her 2015 book, "Appetizers." Food52 shared tidbits from the conversation, in which the two Food Network stars chatted about everything from how to serve shrimp (passing it around stops people from hogging the seafood) to her rule for making an amazing cocktail (always use fresh juice and do not ever even think of using mixers or Skinny Girl).

Stewart also shared the secret method she uses to make sure her guests love her food — and the answer might surprise you. 

It all starts with cocktails

When Geoffrey Zakarian asked Martha Stewart how she can guarantee that her guests enjoy the food she makes, he probably didn't expect the succinct — yet relatable — answer.

According to Food52, the cookbook author and television star said the best way to get your guests to like your food is to get them liquored up. "First, feed them two to three fantastic, strong cocktails like a big tray of Caipirinhas, which are semi-deadly," she said.  

Caipirinhas are Brazil's national cocktail, according to Similar to a daiquiri, the drink is made with Brazilian cachaça instead of rum. The national spirit of Brazil, cachaça is made from the fermented juice of sugarcane, giving it a crisper flavor. A caipirinha uses only three ingredients — cachaça, fresh lime juice, and sugar. It's traditionally served on the rocks with a lime wheel garnish. If you want to get all Martha Stewart fancy, the domestic goddess has a recipe for a ginger caipirinha on her Martha Stewart site.