Trader Joe's New Chocolate-Coated Rice Cakes Have Shoppers Excited

Trader Joe's has no shortage of chocolate-covered treats. Whether you like to stash dark chocolate watermelon sticks in your bag, buy chocolate-coated pretzels for game nights, or always have chocolate-dipped frozen bananas on hand, the grocery chain keeps that chocolaty selection expansive and ever-evolving. The store's latest chocolate-enveloped offering is a mouthful called Organic Dark Chocolate Half-Coated Rice Cake Thins. Instagram fan account @traderjoeslist calls them delicious, well balanced, and worthy of a second purchase.

"Oh yeah," @traderjoeslist declared in a video, taking in the satisfying snapping sound of a chocolate-coated rice thin being broken in half. "This is the perfect after-lunch snack because it's sweet but not too sweet." The rice cake is crisp and not crumbly, she added, so it won't fall apart and into your lap when you take a bite. Her only critique? "I could take a little more chocolate, but it's enough so that way it satisfies the sweet tooth but doesn't overdo it."

What other Trader Joe's fans think about the new chocolate-covered rice cakes

Trader Joes' Organic Dark Chocolate Half-Coated Rice Cake Thins contain four two-cake servings per $1.99 package, according to @traderjoeslist's post. Each serving contains 120 calories and 5 grams of sugar, and the ingredients include only organic dark chocolate and organic brown rice. The snacks are also ideal for gluten-free eaters, but many commenters were frustrated to find that they're not vegan because the chocolate contains milk powder.

While @traderjoeslist enjoyed her rice cakes plain while on the go, commenters on her post had ideas for how to jazz them up. "I'm imagining these with a little peanut butter on them," said one follower. "I am thinking s'mores. Yep! Just add marshmallow," chimed in another. But for others, the chocolate-coated cakes are perfect just the way they are. "I just bought these today also," a user wrote. "They are already gone and I bought them an hour ago!"