Does Popeyes Really Have A Secret Menu?

These days, it seems like every fast food chain — from Arby's to Taco Bell – has a secret menu. It should come as no surprise then that Popeyes has one as well. Founded in 1972, Popeyes is known for their New Orleans-style fried chicken and sides, made with secret recipes that are worth $43 million (via Delish) and with a cult-like following that has included celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, and Isaac Toups (via The Daily Beast). Not only is their chicken ridiculously delicious, but their biscuits are pretty tasty too. And, their chicken sandwich? It routinely sells out, and someone was even once killed over it (via Fox News).

Given the tasty track record of their regular menu, is it even worth checking out the chain's secret menu? After all, not all secret menu items are created equal, and some are really overhyped and not worth trying (like McDonald's Land, Sea, and Air burger, which is just gross), though others, like the Five Guys Double Grilled Cheese Burger, are actually pretty awesome. So where do the secret menu items at Popeyes fall? Take a look and decide for yourself.

Here are Popeyes' secret menu items

The first thing to know about this secret menu is that you can ask for extra helpings of what makes Popeyes' chicken so tasty — their Cajun sparkle seasoning. According to Cosmopolitan, most locations keep a stockpile, and extra packets will let you add this "edible fairy dust" to pretty much anything, including biscuits and fries. 

Another way to elevate those fries is to smother them with the Cajun gravy that usually comes with the mashed potatoes. And, to make your own Popeyes blackened chicken ranch sandwich, just add Popeyes' blackened ranch sauce to a traditional chicken sandwich. Or, if you can't get your hands on one, you can make your own with some chicken and biscuits. Another genius hack is taking the skin from the chicken and filling it with rice and beans to make a crispy chicken taco (via Oprah Daily). You can also order "naked chicken" to get your meat with no breading (via Mental Floss).

Eat This, Not That! has a few sweet and savory recommendations as well, including adding two packets of honey and one packet of hot sauce to the red beans and rice to elevate the classic side. To create a cinnamon sugar biscuit that's both sweet and savory, ask to have an order of biscuits coated in the cinnamon sugar used in their apple pies. As if Popeyes couldn't get any better, these secret tricks really step it up even further.