Here's Where Lin-Manuel Miranda Really Eats In The Heights

It must be tough being Lin-Manuel Miranda. The Tony, Grammy, and Pulitzer Prize award-winning composer is so talented, we cannot help but shower him with compliments. Seriously, he has written and told so many stories through incredible songs for Broadway and film, they remind us of his love for musical theater, that is. We have to imagine people are constantly trying to impress and imitate his primo rapping and rhyming skills upon which "Hamilton" really placed a spotlight. (Although we would never do that because, if you are performing for Miranda, it would be a real tragedy if your lyrics failed.) He would never again invite you to Washington Heights to see all of his favorite New York City lights. Or take you to his favorite gastronomic spots; yeah, we are just not throwing away our shot. Was that shameless enough? Miranda just has that effect on people, right?

But perhaps the only thing greater than Miranda's musical talent is his taste in the eateries he goes to when visiting the Heights. In an interview with Grub Street, Miranda revealed where he really goes to eat and enjoy weekend brunch when he visits this nostalgic neighborhood that influenced his life and work. From mashed plantains, to where he likes to enjoy a sugary treat, Miranda is true to his roots.

One of Lin-Manuel Miranda's favorite spots is near his childhood church

Lin-Manuel Miranda shared that, when he is eating out with his folks in the Heights, he tends to favor what NYCgo describes as "Dominican Republic-meets-Spain." The "It's Quiet Uptown" songwriter told Grub Street, "I go with my parents to Mamajuana on Dyckman Street." And all you have to do is look at the menu to understand why. Gothamist encourages diners to order up chicharrones — little pieces of deep fried pork belly — to get the full experience. Not to mention Mamjuana usually has some type of live music, which we assume adds to the enjoyment of going to this restaurant for Miranda.

But that's not the only place he frequents. Miranda explained, "There are a lot of really nice restaurants; one of my favorite places is the Garden Café, adjacent to the church I went to, Good Shepherd. The best part of going to [that] church [is when] we would get sugar doughnuts from the bakery and oatmeal in coffee cups." We can always go for a doughnut, but after church doughnuts taste especially heavenly. We don't know about you, but we are ready to head to Miranda's Heights to enjoy some of those tasty bites.