The Big Problem Costco Fans Have With These Screamin' Hot Vegetable Chips

Costco rarely disappoints. From killer deals on kitchen products and electronics to favorite foods in bulk, it's not often that Costco debuts a new product or brand its customers don't immediately take to. But by the looks of it, it seems as though Terra's new Screamin' Hot vegetable chips are one big flop among Costco customers.

The Instagram account @costcodeals, which has one million followers, posted about the new spicy veggie chips. To put it lightly, die-hard Costco patrons are not happy with the product. Flavor aside, people are taking issue with Costco for only supplying Terra's new chips in selected northeast regional stores. Currently, the spicy chips can only be found in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Followers of @costcodeals took to the comments to share their frustration, throwing out the names of states like California and Texas, both of which are known for having spicier cuisine (via Thrillist). That's not all they're upset about.

Customers say these aren't even "remotely hot"

The number one tiff Costco customers are having with Terra's new Screamin' Hot vegetable chips is that they're not even that spicy. One mom who bought the chips in Connecticut commented under @costcodeals' Instagram post that they were "really disappointed" with the purchase, adding, "Good chips but they are not spicy at all!! My 3yr old even loved them." Another Instagrammer echoed their disappointment writing, "Tasty but not remotely HOT. Not even a little bit."

While their flavor may be lacking spice, their price point is reasonable. According to the photos shared by @costcodeals, an 18-ounce bag of Terra spicy chips costs $6.49, which sounds steep but is actually in the same ballpark of chips sold at Walmart. For reference, a family size (10.5 ounces) of Lay's Classic Potato Chips costs $2.98 at Walmart. To get the same quantity of chips, you'd have to buy two bags of Lay's for $5.80. In the end, it's all relative, but if you're someone who likes spicy chips with a side of sweat, you're better off sticking to Flamin' Hot Cheetos or Takis.