The Easy Way To Stop Ingredients From Sticking To Your Spoon

Everyone — from a professional head baker in an industrial kitchen to novices experimenting with their favorite recipe at home — has had to deal with it. One of the messiest, most inconvenient, and undeniable challenges of baking and cooking is measuring sticky ingredients effectively.

The yummiest ingredients in a dish or baked good are often the stickiest. We all love the extra dollop of honey, Nutella, peanut butter, molasses, and the like, but these scrumptious and vital ingredients stick to the spoon or measuring cup. This not only creates the dilemma of cleaning up afterward, but also makes it difficult to ensure the correct amount makes it into the dish. Especially when the correct ratio of ingredients must be maintained while baking, this can be incredibly frustrating.

No one wants to be frustrated in the kitchen by a sticky spoon! Luckily, we have the perfect tip to stop ingredients from sticking.

The secret to non-stick spoons

The secret's out, and it will make our lives so much easier in the kitchen. According to Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking, the sticky spoon dilemma can be avoided altogether. The trick is to coat the spoon or measuring cup with oil before scooping the ingredient that typically causes an issue.

While Stafford recommends coating the utensils with any flavorless oil, others are more specific. The Washington Post and Life Hacker both recommend using cooking oil spray to coat the spoon quickly and effectively. This is a very easy way to ensure you evenly coat the surface and reach the bottom corners of the measuring device, and enables you to control the amount of oil you're using more efficiently.

The oil will allow the sticky ingredients to slide off the utensil. This minimizes the mess and ensures that all of the deliciousness ends up in your dish and your mouth, exactly where it's supposed to be!