Curtis Stone's Biggest Tips For Crime Scene Kitchen

If you have held out for ages waiting for a cooking competition to come along with all the drama of a crime-based procedural, you have to check out "Crime Scene Kitchen." Teams of contestants scope out a model of a kitchen littered with large and small clues, as Decider explains. After examining each detail, the teams then have to recreate what they think got whipped up in the kitchen. With $100,000 on the line for the winners, catching each and every detail can make all the difference in creating the perfect dish. The show rides on the tension of the choices made, and with a minor misstep, even the most perfectly baked items could end up missing the mark entirely.

Bakers comb over crumbs of leftover cakes, which types of pans get used, and so much more in order to deduce what actually went down in the model kitchen (via Foodsided). No one could help get these contestants through the challenges like judge Curtis Stone, who has tested the mettle of challengers on shows ranging from "Top Chef" to the upcoming "MasterChef Legends." With a bit of Stone's sage advice, future contestants can know exactly where to look in the kitchen crime scene to gain the most insight.

Leave no stone unturned in "Crime Scene Kitchen"

When faced with a particularly tough challenge, Curtis Stone has a solution to figure out exactly what baked goods came from the kitchen. According to Foodsided, contestants need to examine the smallest nooks and crannies of the space. "Check the sink and then the fridge," Stone recommended. "I would smell things, and then if it looked safe I would maybe taste clues if I couldn't figure it out by sight and smell." This particular style of challenge seems esoteric, especially when it comes to baking, but Stone has a reason as to why he encourages all types of cooks to recreate recipes from clues. "Trial and error is key to becoming a better chef [and] baker," Stone said. "If you're dedicated to it, and can apply what you know, using different techniques, knowing how to work with certain ingredients, etc — yes, you can definitely crack the code for a lost recipe."

If you can't wait to see how the action unfolds, make sure to check out the show on Wednesdays over at Fox (via Decider). With this much tension, skill, and delicious baking per episode, you can't go wrong getting a glimpse into the drama. With a bit of observation, you might even pick up a new power of deduction you can use next time you have to decipher a recipe or uncover a baking secret.