Fans Of White Chocolate Will Love M&M's Just Announced Holiday 2021 Flavor

Although we might be thinking about new flavors of iced coffee or peach wine during the summer, soon enough, it'll be back to pumpkin spice lattes and holiday flavors. It might seem a little early to be thinking about winter treats, but Mars Wrigley has already announced an M&M's flavor that will have you thinking about exchanging gifts, snowy days, and relaxing by the fireplace. 

We've ranked many of the M&M flavors, and there are so many to choose from, like the classic chocolate, peanut M&M's, and the seasonal flavors. These limited edition flavors always surprise us, and if you're a fan of white chocolate, then this upcoming M&M's flavor is sure to be a delight. White chocolate M&M's have disappointed us in the past, like the key lime white chocolate flavor, but the next white chocolate M&M's flavor brings together the best of sweet and salty. This winter, get ready to snack on M&M's White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs.

What makes this M&M's flavor so special?

As the name suggests, these M&M's White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs are made with white chocolate and packed with a pretzel center. If you tried out the white chocolate sugar cookie M&M's flavor, you can expect the same sweetness and crunch, but this M&M should be saltier. With candies that come in white and shades of icy blue, your bowl of M&M's will look like a winter wonderland. According to Best Products, these M&M's will be on grocery store shelves in September but will only be available in 2021, so buy them while you can.

Shoppers will be able to buy M&M's White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs in three different sizes of packages: the Single (1.14 oz.), Share Size (2.38 oz.), and Laydown Bag (7.44 oz). Grab a few bags as stocking stuffers, and be sure to keep one (or more!) for yourself as a snack while holiday shopping. Now, we've got something to get excited for later this year.