How Alex Drummond's Rehearsal Dinner Paid Tribute To Her Husband's Heritage

They say weddings are the bride's special day, but in all fairness, the groom is having one of the biggest days of his life, too. When The Pioneer Woman's daughter, Alex Drummond, found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, he wasn't exactly Pawhuska, Oklahoma's version of the boy next door, either. (Actually, we don't think the Drummonds can see their neighbor's house from their expansive ranch spread.) 

Her husband Mauricio Scott grew up in Dallas and his family is from Mexico (via Distractify). Mauricio is proud of his Mexican heritage, having played an active role in Texas A&M's Hispanic Heritage Month during his college years there. (That's where Mauricio met Alex, by the way.) So, while Alex had a lot of input on the look and feel of her wedding, Mauricio's influence was apparent, too. A few touches at the wedding reception paid tribute to his heritage, and the rehearsal dinner had a definite Mexican flavor.

Alex Drummond's rehearsal dinner menu featured tacos

Mauricio Scott, newly wedded to The Pioneer Woman's daughter Alex Drummond, is of Mexican descent, and a lot of his family still lives in Monterrey, Mexico (via The Pioneer Woman). Thanks to the beauty of the COVID-19 vaccine, Ree Drummond said, many members of Mauricio's extended family were able to make it to Pawhuska for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner the night before. The dinner was hosted by Mauricio's parents, and Mexican food was on the menu. Photos from the rehearsal dinner on The Pioneer Woman blog show an impressive plate of meat-filled tacos with small dishes of condiments on the side. During the Food Network "Ranch Wedding" special, viewers also saw guests at the rehearsal dinner toasting and celebrating with a variety of margaritas. 

While much of the wedding details fit in with the Oklahoma ranch setting, Mauricio did some influence. His one request, according to Alex's Instagram live video before the wedding, was for a churro bar (via People). So churros and tacos were late-night options at the wedding, which was catered by Ree Drummond's restaurant the Mercantile.

The many Spanish-speaking friends and relatives who were at the wedding on Mauricio's behalf were also able to enjoy the band at the reception. Alex said on Instagram live she was happy to find a bilingual band that could perform Hispanic music, along with country and '80s pop for Ree.