Aldi's Adorable Macaron-Shaped Candles Are Turning Heads

Aldi may be known as a low price grocery chain, but it also carries a wide range of seasonal items in its so-called aisle of shame. The chain may have a cult following, but the aisle of shame even more so, with its own website and Facebook page, and legions of fans who take to social media to comment about their latest finds. One such find that is causing a stir is Aldi's Huntington Home Macaron Candle Collection. Three different sets are available for $7.99 each, with each set containing three soy-based candles in colored glass jars that look like macarons, which also inspired some of the scents: caramel, lemon, sea salt; nutty pistachio, vanilla bean, coconut swirl; and lavender, rose marshmallow, bergamot and rose (via Instagram).

An entire Reddit thread discusses these candles, with the initial poster commenting: "New macaron shaped candles/tea lights. Super cute!" Several commenters on the thread agreed, with one commenting, "I got these a couple weeks ago. They are so cute! Haven't burned them yet, got em more for design" while another concurred, "Same I'll burn them eventually but the glass are soo beautiful."

Fans love the cute candle design

These candle sets are also causing a stir on the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group, with several fans posting about their finds and how cute they are. Many of the fans who have already picked up a set have yet to actually burn the candles, which prompted one fan to ask, "Anyone have the AoS macaron candles? They smell great but I'm curious if they burn well/fragrantly if that makes sense [grinning squinting face emoji]." That got a response of, "Yes, just burned one yesterday for the first time. Very strong scent, almost too strong for me," (via Facebook). It's not clear which flavor candle was burned, and whether it will go the way of some of Aldi's other candle scent misses in the past. It's also not clear whether the lemon scent here is the same lemon macaron candle that got fans excited over the winter.

One fan has the perfect plan for her candles, commenting on Facebook, "Aldi is so clever. Combining the macaron cookie and candle. Take my money! These are so cute I couldn't resist. The candles smell amazing. Can't wait to burn one while eating my macarons." Talk about a perfect pairing plan!