Do Chopped Contestants Have To Wash Their Own Dishes?

After a remarkable 50 seasons, "Chopped" has nailed its winning combination of fast-paced, action-packed drama and extraordinary cooking that keeps TV viewers coming back season after season. In fact, after accumulating such a loyal fanbase, "Chopped" has had the opportunity to branch out into spin-offs that are a little more out there, including a new cannabis inspired series called "Chopped 420" (get it?).

"Chopped" may be one of the most popular cooking shows on the Food Network, but it is also a reality television show at heart, with a mission of surprising, entertaining, and thrilling its audience members. As any true reality TV fan knows, a show is never as authentic and unscripted as it appears. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that the audience is unaware of and that "Chopped" will never reveal on air. What on-screen drama is manipulated for TV purposes? Are the judges really that harsh in real life? In a Food Network interview with Emmy Award-winner "Chopped" host Ted Allen, he answers some of the behind-the-scenes secrets that fans are dying to know about this hit cooking show, including whether or not contestants have to wash their own dishes.

How does the 'Chopped' kitchen stay so neat and clean?

As the show's many fans are well aware, "Chopped" really knows how to push its chefs to the limit. From preparing meals with bizarre ingredients to dealing with the wrath of angry judges, it's not easy being a chef on "Chopped." Allen almost always peppers contestants with questions while they are racing against the clock to finish their three-course-meals, although he has a good reason for doing so ("Mean producers make me!" he said in a Facebook chat, reported by FN Dish in 2009). 

Despite all of the hurdles that contestants are put through, no, they do not have to clean up after themselves. When asked about how the kitchen stays so neat and clean, Allen responded, "We have a hugely dedicated team of clean-up folks — the same team has been doing it since we started, and they are fast, thorough and a delight to be around. I'm impressed with their espirit de corps — it's a tough job. Chefs don't care HOW messy things get!"