Schitt's Creek Fans Need To Know About These Hilarious Hard Seltzers

Now here's a reason to raise your glass! "Schitt's Creek"-themed hard seltzers are here and they are, thankfully, not concocted by Herb Ertlinger. In celebration of Pride Month, Washington-based Hop Capital Brewing unveiled two "smoothie-style" hard seltzers filled with fruity flavors and adorned with the silhouettes of the iconic characters Moira and David Rose. The limited-release drinks are mostly available in California and Washington taprooms, according to Popsugar, so unless you're already a West Coaster, you might need to ask Roland Schitt to give you a lift in his truck.

Hop Capital Brewing's Sunrise Bébé, made with pineapple, guava, blood orange, and marshmallow, is a tropical refreshment fit for vacationing reality stars like Moira. Berry fans will also love You're Triply the Best, a "thrice-fruited," David-inspired blend of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and marshmallow. Added fruit purées give the drinks deep colors, unlike clear White Claw or Truly seltzers — while a marshmallow crème creates a "smooth, bubbly finish," as the brand states on Instagram.

There's even more important inspiration behind these hard seltzers

Hop Capital Brewing didn't just make Moira- and David-themed libations because the characters make for attractive labels. More importantly, the brewery chose to honor Pride Month with "Schitt's Creek"-inspired drinks because of the show's "contribution to normalizing love in all forms," as seen in their Instagram post. "The queer community is often represented in media as being 'so brave' to share their truth or earning a badge of honor for 'coming out.' ... It shouldn't have to be like that," they continued. "We believe that telling your friends and family that you've fallen in love or discovered a new part of yourself should always be an occasion to celebrate."

The brewery raises a toast to Moira and David for helping depict what the world "might look like if everyone was accepted for exactly who they are" and to "the hope that someday, people won't need to 'come out' or fear rejection when they find a love that fulfills them." We're sure that the cast of "Schitt's Creek" would cheers to that — and the fact that Sunrise Bébé and You're Triply the Best are probably more palatable than Herb Ertlinger's banana rosé.