Why Gordon Ramsay Thinks Valentine's Day Is The Worst Time To Eat At A Restaurant

When Valentine's Day gets closer and individuals in couples start crafting plans for the occasion, you may spot many restaurants advertising special offers for the romantic holiday, with some even creating multi-course menus designed to appeal to those who want a little something special on February 14. However, according to chef, restaurateur and television personality Gordon Ramsay, who certainly knows his way around a kitchen and who has run countless dinner services over his decades-long career, Valentine's Day is actually the worst time to eat at a restaurant (via Tips and Tricks). As the chef explained, the kitchens are generally very busy, and you just don't get the full experience that you would have gotten from a particular restaurant, had you gone on any other day of the year.

Many others in the food industry seem to agree with Ramsay, and concur with his suggestion of staying in and cooking a lovely dinner for your partner rather than heading to a restaurant on Valentine's Day. According to Bon Appétit, in addition to a worse experience in the restaurant thanks to the higher demand, you'll likely also need to deal with the price of the meal being inflated, since restaurants know there are plenty of eager diners who will pay anything in their quest for a romantic Valentine's Day meal. Another factor is the wait staff — they'll know that the evening will come with plenty of challenges, so they might be a little bit more worn out than on a regular night.

A few additional issues with Valentine's Day dining out

And finally, the general atmosphere and experience of the meal will, quite frankly, be far less romantic than on a typical day. The restaurant will likely have added a few more tables to squeeze in a couple extra diners paying those Valentine's Day prices, which means the space will be loud and crowded, and the chef is just trying to ensure everything goes off smoothly and everyone gets their meal rather than trying to craft a unique and memorable dish. For a true foodie, any other day of the year will probably yield a menu that is more creative and innovative, and not just the same combination of "romantic" dishes with aphrodisiac components.

Over the years, Ramsay has made a few suggestions for those who decide to take matters into their own hands and get in the kitchen themselves on Valentine's Day. When asked about the ideal first date dish in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Ramsay suggested a simple yet tasty pasta is a great way to create an impressive meal that can be customized to exactly what you'd like (via Men's Health). For a light yet delectable dessert that you can whip up at home? Ramsay has a great recipe for pavlova with raspberry curd and chocolate-dipped strawberries that could rival any plated restaurant dessert (via The Global Herald).