Bizarre McDonald's Order Has Reddit Seriously Confused

Okay, we know everyone has their own tastes and food preferences, especially when it comes to fast-food ordering. Secret menus, uber-customized specialty items, and fast-food order hacks are all the rage right now and taking Reddit by storm. But one McDonald's order, in particular, has sent the seemingly open-minded Reddit community into a total spiral.

It should also be noted that the internet and Reddit especially, make us think, "Oh, what a time to be alive," because of threads like r/McDonaldsEmployees, where those who work under the Golden Arches can freely share some of the interesting and totally bizarre preferences of their customers. But sometimes, it makes us question who the heck we're sharing this world with. In a recent Reddit post, a user shared a photo of a customer's order and it kind of has us all scratching our heads. The order reads, "Happy Hamburger, PLAIN, No Beef Patty."

This McDonald's order had an employee 'lose hope in humanity'

Now, if you're going to attempt to say you haven't ordered a Happy Meal as an adult, we'd respond "Yeah, right." However, that's definitely not the issue we have with this order, nor is it the problem of the poor employee who had their "hope in humanity" totally shaken by it (via Reddit). It was the lack of burger itself. Fellow McDonald's employees chimed in with their own bizarre order stories, including another poster who claimed: "I had a guy come in and order 20 of these. He just wanted 20 buns for a barbecue he was having and since no stores were open, he came to McDonald's for the buns."

It seems the most baffling orders shared all had one thing in common — burgers. "One cheeseburger no cheese when you could just get a hamburger. Yeah I don't get it either. At that point you're ordering the vegetables (I think one pickle, some onions, mustard, and ketchup). Why not go to the store and buy those? Better quality and pricing," one user wrote. Another chimed in, "We had a no bun cheesburger [sic] with extra everything," which led to a short discussion on gluten-free dining at the chain.

What this confusing McDonald's order really contains

Now that we have the comments out of the way, let's analyze this order: According to the McDonald's website, a Hamburger Happy Meal consists of a burger, kids' fry, milk, and apple slices. The hamburger itself is listed as containing a beef patty, hamburger bun, ketchup, mustard, onions, and pickle slices.

So, ordering a Hamburger Happy Meal sans-burger and "plain" means getting just the bun, fries, apple slices, and milk. This doesn't exactly have our mouths watering. Perhaps the Happy Meal consumer in question is vegetarian and just really had a hankering for milk, fries, and apple slices while on-the-go, but there are definitely some other vegetarian options available at Mickey D's that won't also cause the internet to implode. All we really want to ask this customer is: Who hurt you?