Baja Blast Fans Need To Know About This Bizarre New Mountain Dew Product

If you're a Baja Blast fan, you probably look forward to the product's limited-time retail release. For a few months each year, you can actually stock your fridge with your favorite bevvie rather than having to swing through the Taco Bell drive-thru or resort to a DIY version every time the craving hits! Luckily, the store release seems to be an annual event now. As the Mountain Dew Wiki indicates, Baja Blast has been available in stores for at least a part of every year since 2014, with the exception of the Great Baja Blast Drought of 2017 (sorry if that brings back painful memories).

This year, Baja Blast is back in a big way, with Mountain Dew announcing 100 Days of Baja. Not only will the original neon blue soda plus its zero sugar variant be returning to store shelves, but this time they're bringing friends: Baja Flash, which mixes in piña colada flavors, and Baja Punch which is, you guessed it, a fruit punch-flavored version of the drink. The real innovation in this line of products, however, is something you can't buy in any store. In fact, you can't actually buy it at all. But you can, if you play your cards right, score it for free, and it's something no true Baja Blast lover will want to miss out on.

Now your house can smell like soda

If you visit the online Dew Store, the very first product listed on the page is sure to catch your eye. Baja Island Summer Room Scents! And what's this, it's priced at $0.00? What's the deal? Well, these room scents are, as their name indicates, a set of spray air fresheners. They come in 3 scents: Baja Blast, which is an "inspired room spray with a spritz of tropical lime," Baja Punch, which takes its "inspiration" from tropical fruit, and Baja Flash, "inspired," as is its eponymous soda, by both pineapple and coconut scents.

As to the price — well, for one thing, these sprays only come in very small sample sizes of just one ounce per bottle. Also, as with all freebies, free doesn't really mean free. In this case, it's free with purchase, and they don't mean purchase of soda. Instead, the only way you can get a snootful of these scents is to cough up $25 for a phone case, $35 for a t-shirt, or $40 for a beach towel as all of the cheaper Baja Blast merch — and the more expensive stuff, as well — appears to be sold out. Oh, and you'll have to act pretty quickly, too, since the room scents themselves are, like the Baja Blast soda line, only available for a limited time.