Subway's Turkey Cali: What You Need To Know Before You Order

Whether you're the type of person who heads to Subway for your daily lunch break, or only sets food in the store when you get a random craving for a yummy Italian BMT, it's clear the sandwich chain has something for everyone. If you've been anywhere near a Subway or their social media accounts lately, you might have heard the chain debuted a brand new menu this week – complete with new ingredient customizations, wraps, and six new subs — as part of their Eat Fresh Refresh campaign (via PR Newswire). And we couldn't be more thrilled! Trevor Haynes, head of Subway's North American Division, tells Today that the menu revamp is their biggest in decades, which means there's likely a lot of great things in store. 

If you're already a fan of the chain's classic oven-roasted turkey sub, one item on the new menu that may have caught your eye is the "Turkey Cali Fresh." It's one of only two new subs that get the "Cali Fresh" distinction, and it looks as if it contains an appetizing mix of tasty, wholesome ingredients. As part of the Eat Fresh Refresh rollout, Subway locations around the US offered guests a chance to try this new Turkey Cali Fresh sub totally free of charge.

If you've religiously stuck to your regular Subway order for years, you may be hesitant to switch things up. We totally get it, which is why we decided to look further into what was up with the new Turkey Cali Fresh. 

What comes on the Subway Turkey Cali Fresh?

The name "Cali Fresh" connotes images of sunny, coastal landscapes with sprawling fields of agriculture. But how much of that actually plays into Subway's new Turkey "Cali Fresh" sandwich? Per Subway's website, quite a lot. Unlike their standard oven-roasted turkey sub, which consists of turkey on plain white bread with their usual crisp tomato, cucumber, and veggie toppings, the Turkey Cali Fresh comes on Subway's hearty new multigrain bread with mayo and spinach as default fixings. It also features BelGioioso mozzarella cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, and deli-thin, oven-roasted turkey. But what really makes this new sandwich a standout is the addition of a fresh smashed avocado. Given that California is basically the land of avocado toast galore, it seems the "Cali Fresh" designation suits this sandwich perfectly. We can only imagine that when paired with the fresh spinach and soft mozzarella, it tastes like something you'd order from a scenic outdoor café off the Pacific Coast Highway. 

Of course, as always, you can customize the sandwich to your liking, adding whatever veggies you want, like banana peppers or jalapenos. Just be aware that some may come at an added cost, like more avocado.

How much does the Subway Turkey Cali Fresh cost?

Like all of the other Subway sandwiches, the Turkey Cali Fresh sub is available for purchase in two sizes, a six-inch and a footlong, as well as a "footlong pro," which includes double meat. On the Subway website, the cost varies depending on your location, however, it's fair to assume the inclusion of fresh avocado and additive-free meats makes this sandwich a little pricier than others. But if you're willing to live by the mantra that you get what you pay for, this Turkey Cali Fresh sandwich is actually a pretty good deal. One YouTube reviewer said they paid $7.29 for their six-inch, though of course cost will vary depending on your location and what you add to the sandwich. Should you feel hungry enough for the footlong version, you're looking at dropping anywhere between $12 and $14, which seems pretty expensive for a quick-service sandwich. But again, given that it's quite a bit of food, it may be worth the price. 

Is the Subway Turkey Cali Fresh nutritious?

With heaps of turkey and bacon, the Cali Fresh sandwich packs quite a bit of protein — 28 grams for a six-inch sub, more than half of your daily recommendation, according to Healthline. And per the nutritional information on Subway's website, there's also no trans fat to be found, which already makes it a better option than most other fast food sandwiches. However, we're not thrilled to see that the Cali Turkey Fresh contains a whopping 1260 milligrams of sodium. Dietary guidelines suggest we're supposed to stay below 2300 milligrams per day, which means this sub alone accounts for more than half of that daily amount. Ordering a footlong version of the same sub puts you beyond that, so it may be a good option to split this one with a friend if you're looking to watch your salt intake. 

Still, compared to other sandwiches on the menu, the Cali Fresh is not too bad for you. The entire sub clocks in at just under 600 calories if you order it as is. Plus, you could always lighten it up a bit by swapping the mayo for mustard or omitting the cheese altogether. 

What does the Turkey Cali Fresh taste like?

Ever since the new Turkey Cali Fresh debuted, the reviews from Subway eaters have been mixed. One critique from the New York Post lamented the spinach for being too "gummy" and described the turkey as being essentially flavorless. However, they still acknowledged the new mozzarella was a great addition, calling it the sub's only "redeeming quality."

Many reviews, however, have been more positive. One person who tried the sub for free praised it on Twitter, calling it "so good." Another reviewer on YouTube said the fresh mozzarella cheese was thicker than they expected, but nevertheless described the sandwich overall as having a decent amount "flavor coming from everywhere," paying compliments to the smashed avocado and the hearty, multigrain bread. Some Subway employees on Reddit noted the new mozzarella on the sandwich is softer and melts better, lending to a much better taste overall.

In any case, it seems the Turkey Cali Fresh is likely to win over some sandwich fans this year. Whether you're a diehard fan of the chain's original oven-roasted turkey sandwich (via Subway), or looking to try something new, sinking your teeth into the mouthwatering layers of delicious oven-roast turkey, bacon, smooth avocado, and fresh mozzarella is sure to give you the fresh start you need.