Robert Irvine 'Can't Live Without' This Kitchen Gadget

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Robert Irvine is a chef and entrepreneur, one who's always on the lookout for a project that can benefit others. Thankfully he is eager to share his passion for food within the episodes of his many Food Network TV shows, including the latest, "The Globe," which premieres July 17 on the Discovery+ streaming platform.

If you've been missing international travel this past year, "The Globe" will surely satisfy some of that wanderlust. Irvine explains to the Chicago Sun-Times that the show is a cooking contest where participants are virtually sent off to distant countries to prepare local specialties. While the ingredient list will vary widely depending on the location, Irvine adds that contestants will also only have access to specific equipment typical in each country.

He gives examples of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Beijing, China, noting that equipment will differ in each geographic location, with the idea that the viewer will gain a better understanding of local recipes and cultures and how they prepare cuisine. You might think, given this spin, that Irvine is equally adventurous with the equipment he uses on a regular basis. However, the chef tells the Chicago Sun-Times that a blender is at the top of his list, remarking, "I can do anything with a blender."

Robert Irvine shares so many ways he uses a blender

Indeed, Irvine finds blenders so useful that he even sells one under his brand name on Amazon. The personal appliance comes with a dozen recipes for smoothies and shakes, but the chef himself goes beyond the basics when using this kitchen tool.

For example, Food Network shares his recipe for a classic pasta sauce, which starts by blending together all of the base ingredients to get the right mixture. Similarly, on his website, you can find a recipe that uses a blender to make the celery root puree dish featured on "Restaurant: Impossible." It doesn't stop there, though, as Irvine's website lists mushroom stroganoff, jalapeño aioli, herb mayonnaise, and strawberry compote as some of the numerous dishes he makes with the appliance.

Combining ingredients doesn't get any easier then popping them into a blender and pureeing. While some texture can be welcome in a dish, a smooth consistency is ideal to savor the harmony of flavors in many a sauce. We bet it's easier than some of the equipment that the contestants on "The Globe" will find themselves using!