Instagram Is Baffled By Martha Stewart's Latest Recommendation

Martha Stewart is more than a household name. The domestic diva is a savvy businesswoman who had branded her name on everything from cast iron skillets to CBD gummies to pet toys. Another major aspect of her brand is dispensing priceless tips on how to keep homes and gardens in tip-top condition and make top-notch meals for guests.

In 2019, Stewart sold the licensing rights to her Martha Stewart properties (along with Emeril Lagasse's properties) to Marquee Brands for an estimated $175 million, according to the industry site License Global. Licensing deals are only part of the fortune Stewart has amassed. As of 2020, Stewart was worth about $400 million. That may sound like a hefty amount, but it's a pittance compared to 1999 when Stewart's company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia went public. When the bubble burst, Stewart lost much of her net worth but still has a fabulous lifestyle, complete with homes and gardens.

Wide Open Country gave readers a tour of her 153-acre farm in Bedford, New York. The 1784 farm includes has two guest houses. Stewart keeps horses, chickens, and other animals and maintains large gardens. If you're going to live out in the country, you need a good car. Recently, Stewart made a social media post about a vehicle she test-drove, recommending it to her fans in case they were looking for a good SUV. However, perhaps because she lives such a fabulous lifestyle, this suggestion wasn't so much priceless as confusingly pricy. 

One expensive ride

Stewart posted some pictures of a vehicle on her Instagram page, adding that if her fans were in the market for a new four-passenger SUV, they might want to look into this one: "Looking for a new four passenger SUV ? The Mercedes Maybach might just be that vehicle. Been test driving this one. Great ride!!!!!!"

While there's no argument that the Mercedes Maybach is a "great ride," according to Stewart, it's doubtful that many of her fans can afford the vehicle, which, according to the Mercedes website, starts at $160,500 for the standard model. If you want a version with folding tables for rear seats and a refrigerator box for the rear cabin (and if you're Martha, you certainly need a refrigerator in your vehicle), the price jumps by thousands of dollars. 

Martha's fans were quick to note the extravagant price of the SUV, and their comments are hilarious. Instagrammer @notsolonewolf said, "I was considering one, then I checked my bank account and bought roller skates instead." User @platos_locos said, "Thanks for the rec !! Was choosing between this and crippling student debt." And like multiple commenters, @aallisooonnnn noted that many followers aren't in Stewart's income bracket: "Martha we make $12 an hr."

Guess Stewart forgot that most of her fans prefer more down-to-earth advice like how to budget for your wedding and how to make budget-friendly meals.