The Next Chopped Episode Features The Most Adorable Guest Judge

Anyone who has ever watched "Chopped" likely knows there can be some really unexpected ingredients in the basket. But things are really getting a shake-up come July 27, when an all new episode airs (via Patch). Apparently, Morristown, New Jersey has supplied its fair share of chefs to "Chopped," and there's a new one about to take the stand, the Stirling Tavern's Brandon Campney. But Campney will have quite a unique set of guidelines for the episode he will be competing on.

As it turns out, there will be an adorable but unusual guest judge also participating in the July 27th episode. Beloved host Ted Allen tweeted to announce just who it would be — a furry golden retriever named James. The tweet read, "Meet our new @Chopped judge: James! A very good boy —with a picky palate. So much fun for dog-loving chefs to serve @AmandaFreitag, @SunnyAnderson & @SantosCooks AND make a treat for Chefs' Best Friend."

This is how the pooch will be accommodated in the episode

Just how is an episode of "Chopped" going to cater to the judges as well as man's best friend? Fortunately, Patch was able to get and share a description of what the episode's challenges will entail. The contestants will all be self-proclaimed pooch lovers and work to accommodate their golden retriever judge's highly specific palate. As far as the specifics go, the competitors will need to make several dog-friendly dishes.

The first basket will involve a bone of some sort, while the second round will require chefs to cook up a beverage and pasta dish suitable for James. Finally, the dog-loving chefs will be put to the task of crafting a dessert from bananas and a "nose-to-tail treasure" as the Patch described it. If this sounds like an episode you absolutely have to see, you'll want to tune in to Food Network at 9 p.m. on the 27th or stream the episode on Discovery+. It certainly sounds like a one-of-a-kind taping no one will want to miss.