Raid The Fridge: Release Date, Contestants, And More - What We Know So Far

Unless you always have a stocked fridge, then you know the plight of trying to decide what to make for dinner with such limited options. Faced with similar ingredients night after night, it can be hard to find inspiration. 

But, what if you were shown the contents of a fridge at random and asked to produce a high-quality meal? That's the premise behind the upcoming new show "Raid the Fridge" premiering on Food Network this Fall, hosted by comedian and food podcaster Dan Ahdoot. Unlike other cooking-based competition shows that provide contestants with a specific list of ingredients or access to a well-rounded batch of supplies, this latest series is more of a game of chance. 

The Food Network explains that audiences will follow four professional chefs through weekly rounds where they must whip up a meal using the contents of a fridge they choose solely based on its external appearance. If you've ever been over at someone's house and wondered if their shiny sleek refrigerator contained anything similar to the contents of your magnet-covered fridge at home, this show will keep you entertained — and surprised. Because there's no way of knowing from the outside what you'll find when you open someone's refrigerator door, and "Raid the Fridge" certainly plays on this fact.

After three rounds, only one chef will receive the top honors and a fridge full of $10,000.

When is the release date for 'Raid the Fridge'?

There's still a little bit of time to set your weekly reminder before "Raid the Fridge" debuts. According to Food Network, the show will premiere on Wednesday, September 1 at 10 pm ET. You'll also want to stay tuned to Food Network's social media pages to catch weekly updates and get a sneak peek of the contents of the refrigerators that will be showcased each week.

Even better, Broadway World indicates that the host and judges of "Raid the Fridge" will invite viewers to snoop through their own fridges, by posting photos on social media, too. Who knows — you might even be inspired to create your own dishes based on what you see in the refrigerators of others. At the very least, we bet that as soon as you start watching this show, you'll discover a newfound element of creativity to your cooking.

"This series makes raiding the fridge a fast-paced hour of culinary fun," Courtney White, President of Food Network and Cooking Channel, said in a press release. "The unique approach to cooking with everyday items and leftover food is unlike anything our viewers have ever seen — they may even be inspired by the creativity of these chefs to experiment with what's in their own refrigerator."

Who will be the contestants and judges for 'Raid the Fridge'?

The weekly participating chefs for the show have not yet been disclosed, but given the confirmed host and judges, "Raid the Fridge" is sure to be captivating. The series will be hosted by Dan Ahdoot, a comedian, actor, and food podcaster who even had a stint as a fine dining chef, according to Food & Wine. Among his many projects, including being a series regular on "Cobra Kai" and "The Crew," Ahdoot has a podcast named "Green Eggs And Dan," which he introduces by saying "Fridges are the real windows to the soul" (per Food & Wine). He dives into that notion in his podcast by having guests share a photo of their refrigerators — so you could say this makes him well prepared to host "Raid the Fridge," since he surely knows that looks can be deceiving.

As far as judges go, Food Network regulars Jamika Pessoa and Jordan Andino are in charge. Pessoa's website lists plenty of experience throughout her career, including as a guest judge, contestant, and contributor on a number of productions including Guy's Grocery Games and "The Next Food Network Star." She is also a classically-trained chef, known for her fusion of Caribbean and Southern cuisines. Meanwhile, Andino's website highlights his busy career as a judge on various cooking shows including "Chopped" and "Worst Cooks In America," not to mention his work as a fine dining chef where traditional Filipino cooking paired with French technique are at the heart of his style.

Between the three of them, Ahdoot, Pessoa, and Andino are well equipped to engage the audience and judge the chefs' creations each week.

How does the competition work on 'Raid The Fridge'?

So what should you expect from "Raid the Fridge"? Well you'll definitely witness lots of creativity thanks to the range of ingredients. The four chefs will start by choosing a refrigerator that they only view from the outside. As the show's description notes, it's hard to have a clue about what lies behind a random refrigerator door – "sometimes a bachelor pad's shelves are better stocked than the family of four," notes Food Network in a press release.

You might think that a door decorated with magnets, pictures, invitations, and more indicates a well-trafficked fridge. Or perhaps you'd think that a sleek brand-new refrigerator is filled with equally impressive ingredients. The fun part about the show is you'll get a view into a stranger's refrigerator and realize just how unpredictable the contents can be — and then see how professional chefs use a number of random ingredients to create a meal. As well, all leftovers are fair game. If you're constantly making the same dishes out of your leftovers, "Raid the Fridge" might push you to start experimenting.

The show is short and sweet, and Broadway World explains that after three rounds of prompted cooking challenges where the chefs compete to create the most unique and impressive dishes from their selected refrigerators, a winner will be chosen by Andino and Pessoa to win the ultimate $10,00 — surely enough money to stock their fridges properly.