This Might Be The World's Most Expensive Popsicle

On a hot day, you're lathered up with sunscreen and lounging by the pool while the sun is blazing overhead. Good thing you packed some popsicles to keep cool and quench your thirst. Sweet, icy, and fun to eat, the hot weather classic certainly does the trick. When the frozen treat first hits your tongue, the shock of cold stops you from taking a big bite, but soon you can't resist. Even when you get brain freeze, the fruity goodness permeates through your mouth and you dig back in as soon as the stinging leaves your skull.

Eating an ice pop or popsicle is a simple pleasure everyone enjoys — especially in the summer. While these desserts can have high sugar levels, it's definitely a perfect splurge for anyone with a sweet tooth and a penchant for frozen goodness. And while most popsicles are affordable and available at any grocery store, one in particular is a splurge for the wallet. There's one in fact that might be the most expensive popsicle in the world.

The $1,000 popsicle and what's in it

The popsicle that is supposedly the most expensive in the whole world can be ordered poolside at Marquis Los Cabos Luxury Resort in Baja California Sur, Mexico. It costs a whopping $1,000 and is quite the splurge, but if you're traveling to a beautiful resort on the beach and aren't concerned about budgets, it might be worth it.

This sweet treat is made with Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra, a premium tequila that sells for $1,500 a bottle all on its own. The unique popsicle comes on a plastic stick and is embedded with 24 ct. gold flakes for looks and some extra sugar to take the bite out of the liquor. It's served on a platter with gold-wrapped chocolate coins for maximum style. The Marquis Los Cabos Luxury Resort also has non-frozen and unsweetened shots of the Tequila Premium Clase Azul Ultra on the menu for $500 dollars each (via Fox).