Here's What The Cracker Barrel Peg Game Is Actually Called

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If you have ever stopped at a Cracker Barrel, whether to indulge in a hearty home-cooked Southern comfort meal or to browse the iconic candy and gift shop, you may have been lucky enough to encounter "The Peg Game." Often placed in the center of each of the restaurant's dining tables as an entertaining pastime for guests waiting for their Chicken 'N Dumplins, Momma's Pancake Breakfast, and sweet tea, the legendary game is a simple equilateral triangle-shaped block of wood with holes that are filled with colorful golf tees.

The fun little game takes lots of patience, skill, and strategy — and can either kickstart hilarity or feelings of defeat. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the peg game, the objective is to "jump" over tees until only one tee remains on the board. Sounds like a piece of pecan pie, right? Don't be deceived! Beating the game is harder than you may think and will definitely keep you occupied for a while (if you have the time and tenacity, at least).

The peg game has to have an actual name, right? We don't call Candyland "The Game with Anthropomorphic Candy Characters," after all. The answer, friends, is yes, this critically acclaimed piece of wood is a real branded product.

What is the real name of the Cracker Barrel peg game?

So, what is the actual name of that peg-filled wooden triangle that has become a Cracker Barrel staple? The table game that has caused so much confusion and frustration (or a rush of adrenaline and sweet, sweet victory) for diners over the years is fittingly called... Tricky Triangle! Tricky Triangle has been played by millions of Cracker Barrel patrons over the years. And while many avid gamers have successfully solved the puzzle (and have even shared their tutorial steps in online videos and blog articles), there are still plenty of steadfast folks who dream of decoding it.

Want one for your home dining table? Well, lucky for you, the Tricky Triangle is available to purchase in every Cracker Barrel gift shop, on the restaurant's official online store, or — like everything else under the sun — on Amazon. It makes an incredible gift that your sharpest friends and most clever family members are sure to love. Happy pegging!