Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its New English Muffin Bread

Trader Joe's is one of those places that is always rolling out new products that gets people super excited. Case in point: It's not everyday that people go nuts over loaded potatoes and sweet and spicy pickle chips , but they do when it's a new Trader Joe's find. Now, super fans are getting stoked about a brand new item that has hit the store's shelves — Trader Joe's English Muffin Bread. 

According to @traderjoesaficionado, the bread doesn't have the nooks and crannies of an English muffin, but has the flavor of one. The price is also sweet, with the new bread retailing for just $2.99. This sounds like a win-win on many levels. However, @traderjoeslist notes that the bread is not gluten free, but there is a new gluten free English muffin goodie out from the brand, so those that need to steer clear of the ingredient also have something to get pumped about. 

What customers are saying about Trader Joe's English Muffin Bread

Even more good news, these English muffin bread slices won't disappoint in taste either. Instagram user @traderjoesaficionado says that, "It does taste like an English muffin but with the texture of sourdough bread. It's thicker than I expected but so good! You can really use it for anything," explaining that they already used it for avocado toast with a fried egg on top and it held up well. 

And just like other Trader Joe's rollouts, it seems like the internet is ready to get down to munching. Users on Instagram have been clamoring for a taste of the bread and looking closely at their stores to see if the new release is available yet. "I can't wait to try this English Muffin Bread," said one Instagram user. "I just grabbed this last night and will have a slice for breakfast," another follower admitted. "Ohhh my goodness, I just gasped out loud," added a different user. Looks like Trader Joe's already has another winner on its hands.