The Real Reason Jennifer Aniston Is No Longer Avoiding This Type Of Food

Listen up: Anything Jennifer Aniston says, goes. If there's one celebrity we trust with our lives, it's her — especially when it comes to health and wellness. Because let's be honest, how many other celebrities look like her at that age? She still has the same youthful glow she brought to the screen as Rachel Green on "Friends."

So when she recently revealed that we should have no shame in reaching for the "bread basket," we were ecstatic. For one thing: bread. Always bread. And to find one of our favorite celebs encouraging that instead of detox smoothies (cough, don't do it) is seemingly unheard of these days.

Now for some context: Aniston has, for a long time, followed a low-carb diet. (If that's the secret to living forever, we are having a really tough time choosing.) But, as most of us might know, totally restricting yourself or following super strict diets can do more harm than good (via Healthline). That's why she has completely revamped her way of thinking. Here's why.

Why Jennifer Aniston is now eating this type of food

A low-carb diet can, to some extent, help you achieve certain health goals and/or avoid foods that do not agree with you. A low- or no-carb diet might be great for someone with a gluten sensitivity, for example. But whatever the reason Jennifer Aniston decided low-carb was the way to go (perhaps to keep her physique so perfect all these years), she's now finally letting in the light, aka bread. In a recent interview with People, she admitted that she's "no longer afraid" of the bread basket. "As long as it's all done in moderation."

The actor touched on the importance of not depriving one's body of things simply because they're labeled good or bad; her reference to moderation is an important one for anyone struggling with dieting, eating healthy, or food in general. Whether it's the types of foods you allow into your diet, or just portion control, being mindful about moderation is the key to eating well. 

Honestly, we're just happy Aniston no longer fears carbs — a good sandwich or plate of pasta can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul.