Here's What's In Arby's New Southwest Chicken Avocado Wrap

If you think Arby's is all big, beefy sandwiches and calorically dense, salty snacks like cheesy curly fries, you may want to double check their current menu. According to Chewboom, the 57-year-old sandwich giant just added a brand new Southwest Chicken Avocado Wrap to its menu, joining 13 other deli-style offerings as part of their Market Fresh lineup, which features a selection of the chain's lighter options (via Arby's). Though we can't be totally certain why the chain decided to suddenly release this new wrap, while quietly removing fan favorites like the loaded curly fries, it seems to be evidence of them keeping up with the times. 

Other fast food chains like Jimmy John's and Subway have recently revamped their menus to accommodate a demand for healthier options and more modern flavors, so it makes sense to see Arby's offering more wholesome options. While this isn't the first chicken wrap to grace the Arby's menu, it seems to already have earned the seal of approval from several Arby's fans. On Reddit, one user who tried the new Southwest Chicken Avocado Wrap pointed out that even though they don't usually purchase wraps from the chain, they would definitely order it again. Others on the thread noted they were excited to try it, pointing out that it "looks good." So, what exactly is it that makes it so special?

Arby's Southwest Chicken Avocado Wrap is a spice lover's dream come true

Based on the description for this Southwest Chicken Avocado Wrap, it seems to live up to its slogan of, "Here comes the heat!" Per the Arby's website, it's packed with slow roasted chicken that's been cooked with their own citrus guajillio seasoning. Guajillo, by the way, is a type of dried Mexican chili with a unique, smoky, medium-heat flavor commonly used in sauces and salsas. And if that isn't enough spice for you, Arby's cranks up the heat further on this wrap through the addition of a spicy, creamy avocado spread. Though the wrap doesn't come with any cheese, it features a chile lime ranch sauce, which likely compliments the citrus notes in the chicken. 

All of this comes together with red onion, tomato, and green leaf lettuce toppings wrapped in their artisan tortilla for the ultimate combination of heat, citrus, and delicious avocado flavors. You can pick up a Southwest Chicken Avocado Wrap now for a limited time at participating Arby's locations. Per Fast Food Post, individual wraps are available a la carte for $5.79 with an option to upgrade to a meal with a drink and fries for $8.39, though prices may vary depending on location. In any case, if you're a fan of spicy foods and looking for a delicious lunch that isn't too calorie-heavy, it sounds like this is well worth the price. Your tastebuds will thank you later.