Why The Number Of Selfies Ree Drummond Took On Vacation Is Surprising

If you haven't noticed lately, Ree Drummond has been incredibly busy. Her daughter Alex recently got married, which means the Pioneer Woman helped with some serious wedding plans, threw a bridal shower, and relied on a high-protein diet to get her through it all (via The Pioneer Woman). Finally, she got to enjoy the big day. But, of course, the actual wedding day can be pretty stressful too. Fortunately for Ree and Ladd, the Drummonds recently escaped to Colorado for a "marital vacation," according to People.

The couple has been married for 24 years, and they decided it was time to relax for a week. Apparently, the Drummonds had planned to visit Colorado earlier this year. However, right before their trip, Ladd Drummond got into an accident while responding to a fire. Luckily, he fully recovered, and the couple got their Colorado getaway after all. What was more surprising about the vacation might have been the sheer number of selfies Ree Drummond took and posted to her Instagram page.

It was more photos than the Drummonds had taken in 24 years of marriage

If you scroll through the Pioneer Woman's Instagram, you'll quickly notice just how many selfies are involved. There are more than 10 individual posts from the trip and one collage made up of nine additional selfies from her recent vacation. According to the post, Drummond called it her "vacation selfie scrapbook," which is an apt description of the digital indulgence.

Ree Drummond also said, "I snapped more selfies with my spouse last week than in the twenty-four (plus!) years we've been married. This oughta do us for awhile!" After such a turbulent year, the couple certainly deserves some rest and relaxation — and the photos to remember it all by. Though it might have added up to more selfies than the span of their marriage thus far, the married couple looks as happy and in love as Drummond joked she wanted to appear in her collage post's caption. Maybe everyone should take more selfies to remember the good times.