These Boozy New Donuts Are Turning Heads

Alcohol and dessert go really, really well together. If you don't believe it, you probably haven't tried a booze-infused confection. The easiest one to find is a pack of chocolate truffles made with Baileys Irish Cream. Baileys makes a ton of desserts, from classics like chocolate bars and cupcakes to more seasonal treats like chocolate Easter eggs and valentine hearts — all with a generous splash of their sweet and milky highland cream. Guinness is also involved in the world of boozy desserts; they've been selling chocolate cakes and cupcake mixes flavored with their stout for quite some time now.

On June 4, which happened to be National Donut Day, Thrillist reported that both Baileys and Guinness had partnered up with The Great Spirits Baking Company for a line of booze-infused donuts — not that anyone needed another reason to eat sugary fried dough. While The Great Spirits Baking Company already has an impressive range of treats infused with spirits like Captain Morgan rum and Jack Daniels whiskey, this is their first line of boozy donuts.

Along with two flavors of Baileys donuts and one flavor of Guinness donut, the company has also created a lemony donut with Pallini Limoncello (via Food Business News).

What can you expect from the boozy donuts?

According to Thrillist, the boozy donuts are infused with the flavors of Baileys, Guinness, and Pallini Limencello, but they don't actually contain any alcohol content. This means that you can go ahead and grab a donut (or two, or three) for breakfast without having to worry about a hangover from eating too many boozy desserts.

The Guinness stout cake donut is a chocolate-flavored one with notes of cocoa caramel and coffee and comes with a Guinness flavored glaze. The Baileys cake donuts are available in two flavors — vanilla and chocolate — both of which are glazed with a Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur flavored glaze, Food Business News notes. The Pallini Limencello cake donut has a light and citrusy flavor from the limoncello infusion.

These boozy donuts are available at major grocery stores across the United States including Wakefern and Redner's, with a price that ranges from $4.99 to $5.99 per box (via The Great Spirits Baking Company).