This Chain Has The Worst Coffee According To Nearly 22% Of People

The key to a good day for many people is starting off with the perfect cup of coffee. Whether you take it black, with steamed milk and foam, or a pump or two of sugary syrup for a kick of flavor, chances are you have a favorite chain you visit. To find out which coffee chain it is that people actually feel has the worst coffee, Mashed conducted a poll and the results were not as clear-cut as you might have expected. In fact, the coffee chain with the worst coffee, as voted by Mashed readers, might really surprise you.

A total of 651 people in the U.S. responded to the poll and they were given six options to vote between. Those options included Dunkin, Peet's, Caribou Coffee, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and Seattle's Best. Ultimately, the results were quite fractured, with some chains just within a fraction of a percentage of one another. There was, however, a chain that stood out as the place for the worst coffee with just under a quarter of the votes.

These were the results

In the last place with the least amount of votes was Seattle's Best with 11.83%. That means 77 of the 651 people who responded felt that Seattle's Best had the worst coffee. But in this lineup of coffee chains, that percentage translated to the best coffee of the bunch. Next up was Caribou Coffee with 14.75% or 96 votes. In third place was Peet's Coffee with 16.59% or the votes of 108 people. After the last three places, the choices became much closer in their vote percentages.

In fourth place was Dunkin with 17.36%. That's 113 people who voted for Dunkin as the chain with the worst coffee. However, Tim Hortons came in second with 17.67% of the vote. That means 115 people voted for Tim Hortons, separating it from third place by just two votes. The first-place selection and the chain with the "worst coffee" pulled ahead with 21.81% or 142 votes. Clearly, Starbucks is the least favorite spot for a great cup of regular coffee, at least according to this poll. Still, that doesn't mean fans aren't already looking forward to the chain's upcoming Pumpkin Spice Latte drop.