The Best Bread To Bake For Sandwiches, According To Zoë François - Exclusive

With years of whipping up pastries, cakes, pies, and more under her belt, baker Zoë François knows a thing or two about the art and science of baking. With that knowledge, she's shared it in a variety of ways through food blogging and writing numerous cookbooks. Her latest endeavor to teach people her craft? Her new television show "Zoë Bakes," which premiered on Magnolia Network on July 15.

But despite the incredible meringue-topped treats, homemade ice cream, perfect chocolate chip cookies, and beautiful tarts that François showcases across her multiple outlets, there's one nourishing home staple that she's quite the expert in baking: bread. With the experience of writing eight books on bread, François has unmatched knowledge on the subject, and it was clear that she was definitely the best baker to ask what type of bread was best for sandwiches. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, she dished all about her favorite. 

Zoë François' favorite sandwich bread may surprise you

Of course, the number of choices for the best type of bread are plentiful, but Zoë François was able to narrow it down. However, her answer was pretty surprising. The baker shared that her favorite type of bread to bake for sandwiches is brioche. "It has a tiny bit of sweetness, not that it's a sweet bread. You would still use it for a sandwich," she said. "It's great toasted. I just find it has that beautiful texture that I want."

Brioche is made with butter and eggs, and according to François, her recipe utilizes honey to add that hint of sweetness. And the addition of those ingredients makes the bread that much richer for an incredible sandwich experience.

Another favorite? François shared that a nice whole wheat loaf was on her list as well. Especially as a parent, she felt that was the appropriate answer she should give. But nevertheless, brioche and "and the super rich stuff" are still at the top of the list.

For more baking insight from Zoë François, you can check out Zoë Bakes. New episodes of "Zoë Bakes" are now available on Magnolia Network, via Discovery+.