TikTok Is Losing It Over This 2 Ingredient Ice Cream Bread

First it was the frog bread, those adorable amphibian-shaped loaves that took hours to make. Then it was the cloud bread, with an easy three-ingredient recipe that was full of fluffy deliciousness. There was a keto cheese bread that wasn't so much bread as it was cheese, though it tasted surprisingly like garlic cheese bread. It seems that every few months, a new bread hack or trend takes TikTok by storm. Well, there's a new bread trend in town, and people are going wild: ice cream bread.

Wait, what? Ice cream bread? Yes, you read that right. A bread made from ice cream. And the best part is that it only has two ingredients: ice cream and self-rising flour. More specifically, combine one pint of (mostly melted) ice cream in your favorite flavor and one-and-a-half cups of self-rising flour. Stir to combine, then pour into a loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. That's it!

TikTok can't get enough ice cream bread

The recipe isn't actually new, and dates as far back as 2005 to a Southern Living recipe (via The Kitchn), but it's certainly picked up steam recently on social media, with #icecreambread racking up more than 9 million views on TikTok. TikToker @officiallytracy time has several different TikToks devoted to this trend, explaining, "Ice Cream Bread is my new favorite treat. It doesn't get any easier than this!" Her initial TikTok has racked up more than half a million likes. Not only that, but she has TikToks turning her ice cream bread creations into French toast and shortcake. And yes, they were all delicious.

For those looking to try this out for yourself, The Spruce Eats recommends using full-fat, regular ice cream, and making sure that it is melted and smooth before mixing it with the self-rising flour. Ben & Jerry's also warns to let the ice cream melt naturally instead of using the microwave, as a microwave can change the molecular texture of the ice cream, which sounds like a horrible waste of perfectly good ice cream, whether you enjoy it as is or in an ice cream bread.