The Chef Show Season 3: Info We Know So Far

Unlike most food shows on Netflix, "The Chef Show" was never set to be a food show. In an interview with Eater, actor, director, and "The Chef Show" host Jon Favreau spoke of his friendly relationship with fellow host and chef Roy Choi, who had previously worked with Favreau as a culinary consultant for his film "Chef". Favreau started out filming "The Chef Show" as a fun project that involved cooking with Choi and other people in different environments over the span of three years. It was only after they realized that there was enough footage to make a season for a TV show out of, that the "The Chef Show" turned into a Netflix program. It makes sense then that a huge part of the show's popularity is because of how natural and organic the show feels.

"The Chef Show" sees Favreau and Choi go about cooking different recipes with different techniques and flavors. But the best part? They bring on famous celebs — both celebrity chefs and actors — as guests on the show. The show has become so popular that Season 1 currently holds a 100% critic rating score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 94% audience rating score.

What is the release date of Season 3 of "The Chef Show"?

As of now, Netflix has released 25 episodes of "The Chef Show" over two seasons and four volumes. Season 1 was released over three volumes, the first one being an eight-episode run and the following two were six episodes each. The first volume was aired in June 2019, the second in September that year, and the third one in February 2020. The second season only has one five-episode volume that aired in the last week of September 2020, via The Spool.

So far, Netflix has not officially announced the release of a Season 3. However, there's no reason to believe that a Season 3 isn't in the works either. Considering Season 2 was titled as being volume 1, chances are that more volumes and seasons are going to follow.

Since the previous season aired in September last year, it could have been that the next season was due to be aired in February 2021 but was pushed back due to the pandemic and its effect on filming television shows. However, Netflix has since released a ton of new films and shows so it might be possible that the streaming platform will air Season 3 of "The Chef Show" in the last week of September this year at around the same time that Season 2 dropped last year (via Whenetflix).

Who will host Season 3 of "The Chef Show"?

Although Netflix hasn't given out any details of a new season, it's very much likely that if there is a Season 3, fans will get to watch Favreau and Choi on the screen hosting it. If Favreau's interview with Eater is any indication, "The Chef Show" was a by-product of two friends having fun in the kitchen with fellow friends. Choi admitted to the website that, "It was just us trying to find ways to continue to hang out with each other...And this was just another way for us in our busy lives to make time to be with each other. It's great that something came out of it."

The Favreau-Choi duo even got a lot of critical praise for their friendship and the way in which it came across on the show. Uproxx wrote that Favreau and Choi's friendship inspires a bit of jealously amongst viewers and that, "the most common takeaway is, 'But I want to hang with these guys!". Since the show was always Favreau and Choi's idea and a lot of it depends on their friendly chemistry, it seems unlikely that the duo will ever be replaced as hosts in a new season.

Who will be the guests on Season 3 of "The Chef Show"?

Besides the easy-going chemistry of Favreau and Choi's friendship that makes the show a fun watch, a huge part of the show's huge fan base is its star guest cast. Favreau for one has worked with a ton of celebs in his career as an actor and director and is quite close to the Marvel cast. While speaking to Variety, Favreau said that, "The Marvel crowd, that's a family, For over a decade. So, when it's Robert and I, we have this whole shared experience of what we've been through."

This is probably why previous seasons have seen the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Kevin Feige, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Previous seasons have also seen an equally impressive lineup of legends from the culinary world — Christina Tosi of the famous Milk Bar and Wolfgang Puck were only a few.

Although there is no official statement on the confirmation of a Season 3 of "The Chef Show" or which guests will feature on it, it might be possible that if there was indeed a Season 3, Favreau and Choi would bring more Hollywood big names and celebrity chefs on the show.